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COPD Patient discussion group

In this group you can meet people that live with COPD. It is a good place to seek support and to share your story. Join the discussion, ask your questions, help others.

Mindful Breathing Lab Videos:

Getting to know Dr. Roberto Benzo


Mindful movements


Mindful Breathing Lab: audio files

  • 10 breath practice introduction: about the ten breath practice.
  • 10 breath practice: a guided practice.
  • What is mindfulness - tips for the journey: a brief introduction to mindfulness.
  • Body scan: a guided meditation focused on the body.
  • Mindful standing yoga practice: a simple guided yoga practice from a beginner practitioner.
  • Mindfulness meditation on the breath: a guided meditation on the breath.
  • Mindfulness meditation on the body: a guided meditation on the body.
  • Mindfulness meditation on sounds, thoughts, and emotion: a guided meditation focused on common events that make us frequently unhappy - our thoughts and emotions.
  • 3-minute mindful breathing for the daily journey: a short guided meditation for the middle of the day.

Additional Resources: The Journey into Mindfulness