Preparing for your CHD Appointment

Dec 18, 2018 | Ethan McConkey, Moderator | @ethanmcconkey

2018-12-18 Nurse at Desk

Being prepared is vitally important to the effectiveness of your Mayo Clinic congenital heart disease visit.

But what do you need to send to the clinic before coming to visit? Why is that necessary? And what should you have with you? The answers to those questions, among others, are provided below.


What do I need to send in before my appointment?

Prior to your appointment there are several things we want to review to improve the efficiency of your visit:

  • All recent cardiac testing
  • All cardiac surgical reports
  • All recent Catheterization images and reports
  • All recent cardiac imaging
  • Recent Physician notes
  • Most recent Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • Most recent Echocardiograms (report and images)

If you are referred by another provider to Mayo, a letter from the provider would be beneficial.

Generally, all of these documents should be sent before you set up your appointment, but if they are not, be sure to send them in once you have an appointment.


Why are all these documents necessary?

According to Caroline Arpin, R.N. these documents allow the care team to facilitate your care plan. With most patients coming to Rochester for only a day or two of appointments, having all the information weeks in advance allows the care team to condense all the information in order to maximize the effectiveness of the appointments.


What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?

If not provided to the care team already, it is important to have the name and address of both your primary care provider as well as your cardiologist. Likewise, it is important to bring a current medication list.


Will Mayo Clinic be providing me anything prior to my appointment?

Prior to the appointment of a new patient, you will be sent a packet, either through mail or in the patient portal, containing information on hotels and motels in the area, a map of the Mayo campus, and also further information about Mayo Clinic. In addition, an itinerary is sent detailing what time your appointment is, where on campus it will take place.


What should I wear to the appointment?

Generally, a patient is not required to wear any specific clothing. However, if you will be undergoing a stress-test be sure to wear or bring comfortable clothing and shoes that can be worn while walking on a treadmill.


Additional notes

Be sure to read over your itinerary prior to coming to the appointment. In the itinerary is the location of the appointment as well as notes as details about tests you will be undergoing, and the requirements for those tests.

Also, on Mayo’s campus there are information desks throughout the buildings with employees who can help guide you where you need to go if you are unable to find the location of your appointment.

Setting up a patient portal account could also be beneficial, so that you have easy access to message your care team, setting up future appointments, and accessing a digital version of your new patient packet. Please note that in order to set up the account you need to have your Mayo Clinic number assigned to you when you set up your visit.

Lastly, and most importantly, know your personal goals and expectations for the appointment so that you are prepared when the nurse asks you those questions. Also, make a list any questions you may have for the provider.

Further questions can be answered in the Patient Visitor Guide.

The following discussions on Mayo Clinic Connect may provide additional assistance as you come for your appointment.

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