Dr. Alexander Egbe presents at European Society of Cardiology

Sep 30, 2018 | Alexander Egbe | @alexegbe


Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Alexander Egbe recently presented at the European Society of Cardiology congress. The congress was held in Munich Germany from August 25-29, 2018. This is the largest meeting of cardiovascular physicians and scientists in the world. Dr. Egbe, presented data about novel application of Doppler echocardiography for noninvasive assessment of right ventricular to pulmonary artery coupling in patients with tetralogy of Fallot.  The three research studies from the Mayo Clinic that were presented at this congress showed that this novel application of echocardiography can help identify patients at risk of adverse events, and potential guide timing of interventions to prevent such adverse events.

To view more information on the studies click the links below:

Right ventricular and pulmonary vascular function indices for risk stratification of patients with pulmonary regurgitation

The impact of pulmonary vascular resistance on fontan hemodynamics and outcomes

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