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Jun 28, 2019 | Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor | @rosemarya | Comments (15)

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ROSEMARY: What brought you to Mayo Clinic Connect? What motivates you to take part in the community?

@1nan: I truly don't recall what brought me to Connect, but I was moved by the trust people had that they would be recognized and given a response in a responsible way. I felt trust in mentioning my own diagnosis of multiple myeloma to others who shared their own struggle with this disease. That was something I could contribute to when possible. There was definitely a sense of community with sincere invitation to belong. 

ROSEMARY: What about Connect makes you feel comfortable to share and to be open with the community?

@1nan: Just as others felt the honesty in responses, I, too, trusted the professionalism and caring of those who tried to meet my needs.

ROSEMARY: What groups do you participate in?

@1nan: Blood Cancers & Disorders and E2C2 Advisors, a group advising Mayo Clinic clinicians who are developing tools for patients managing cancer symptoms.

ROSEMARY: Tell us about a meaningful moment on Connect. 

@1nan: There have been many meaningful moments when I see mentors or other members jump in to help someone scared or hurting, then see other support follow. I constantly learn from tips others offer that help us all do better. 

Also, it is a privilege to participate in the E2C2 research happening at Mayo Clinic. This group will assist researchers in matters of significance to cancer patients. This allows me to make a difference in a way I could only dream of as a nurse.

ROSEMARY: What surprised you the most about Connect?

@1nan: My initial interest was sparked by my own diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Connect has shown an exceptional rate of growth that increased the variety and quality of help available. All who come to Connect can trust the safety of the site, and the professionalism from the volunteers gives confidence to those who seek information and reassurance. It is truly an avenue of support. 

ROSEMARY: What energizes you, or how do you find balance in your life?

@1nan: When friends and family recognize that God has directed the path I have followed to deal with my multiple myeloma, they have expressed their own increased faith. The balance comes from finding ways to serve, and keeping a growing family aware of all the blessings that have come our way. I want grandchildren to see me live with cancer, not die with cancer.

ROSEMARY: Tell us about your favorite pastime or activity.

@1nan: I participate where possible at our church, and continue to have one or two quilts in the making at all times. As a writer, I no longer write for publishers or other professions, but write for family and self-publish for them. Time spent spring through fall in my gardens feeds my soul.

ROSEMARY: Do you have a favorite quote, life motto or personal mantra?

@1nan: My husband and I always taught our children a couple things that I believe:  Be smart, not scared. Then, for specific help, go where they see the most, know the most and do the most. This is how I came to find Mayo Clinic in Rochester when I prayed with this in mind.    

ROSEMARY: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see cast as you?

@1nan: That would have had to be Mary Tyler Moore. She was a strong woman who played roles and lived out a role model for women who took charge of their lives. That model may have been part of the advocacy work I do, and certainly self-advocacy for my career and matters of health.

ROSEMARY: What do you love about where you live or vacation?                        

@1nan: Pennsylvania has four seasons, we don't have many severe weather disasters. I had a lifetime raising family and practicing three health service careers in this town, my husband had his business here, we have a long history with friends and church family, and our children can always truly come home.

ROSEMARY: Puppies or kittens?                       

@1nan: This pediatric nurse has to say, "All living things, baby.”

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I grew up in Beaver Falls, 32 miles north of Pittsburgh. Have been in Chambersburg ever since 1956.

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@inan Close I lived on Westmoreland Co all my life Apollo when married I went to Chambersburg school for Practical Nursing loved Pa and still do


@1nan – Nancy, I loved your article. I especially liked your quote "for specific help, go where they see the most, know the most and do the most"…. I reminds me of Mr. Rogers saying "find the helpers". Thanks for sharing.

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@debbraw Our Pa Mr Rodgers lived in Pittsburgh area


@1nan, I had fun doing this interview with you. Thank you for making the time and effort to be featured in a Member Spotlght Feature.
And I promise! No more questions from me today.

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Loved your interview. You are a strong woman and a great role model!

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