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Mon, Jun 22 10:09pm · Tear Drop Cells and Ovalocytes: Anyone had these in lab reports? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

John, as an update, today I got a call from my local oncologist’s nurse. My doctor wants to see me concerning new findings in my lab results and that appointment is July 2. Meanwhile I am still in remission! I have to be grateful for the great care and health care providers in my life. I don’t get upset with waiting so I am fine. Thank you for stepping in with response to my inquiry. Nancy

Sat, Jun 20 9:59am · Tear Drop Cells and Ovalocytes: Anyone had these in lab reports? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Thank you John. It seems that we can find worst case scenario , but I am the eternal optimist and look for minor explanations. I appreciate your thoughts and will surely let you know what I learn locally and at Mayo. I always say that myeloma is the gift that keeps on giving. 😄 Nancy

Thu, Jun 18 5:33pm · Tear Drop Cells and Ovalocytes: Anyone had these in lab reports? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Part of my routine for many years since diagnosed with myeloma has been lab test monthly on average. For the very first time the results indicated a few Tear Drop Cells and a few Ovalocytes. I will look it up enough to formulate sensible questions for my oncologist and for my August Mayo appointment. Do any of you see these cells referenced in your lab reports?

Sat, Jun 13 8:46am · Mom diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Need advice on helping her to eat in Lung Cancer

If you try making the drinks into “ice cream “, topping with a small amount of her favorite sundae toppings might help the cause.

Tue, May 26 1:47pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

This week I realized another lesson in this beautiful iris. My mother somehow saved some of the iris from the Valley Mills farm in WV where she grew up. They were growing there in the late 1800s. Throughout her life she continued to move some rhizomes with her, continuing to share their beauty with family and friends, and later I did the same. On one of our moves I forgot to take any iris with me and went back to ask the new owner if he would allow me to have a few rhizomes. “No.” Caught off guard I proceeded to explain why it was so important to me. Again, “No”. Not one to give up I pressed on and he finally allowed me one. He supervised my getting that one.
Today I have a large Valley Mills iris bed that has been divided and shared many times over the years since I rescued that one strong family rhizome. Today as I pushed a little extra hard to make some things on my to-do list happen I looked at this beautiful iris bed and realized that I have been like this wonderful family flower. We have to go through many changes in our lives and not all are in friendly familiar places. But we can continue to pursue beauty without losing our own, and we can refuse to accept what may appear to be a dead end. Faith does not make things happen, but it certainly can make them possible. Believing in our own strength can help us be that next generation to pass God’s beauty to others. You can be like that one rhizome and keep your strength and beauty for others.
Faith makes it possible.

Thu, May 21 1:21pm · Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19 in COVID-19

We had Class C for several years to travel. Went all over US more than once and loved the convenience of it. And they just took up a bus size parking space when we made in town stops or at various tourist locations. Very easy to drive. That is a good option to put forward. Nancy

Sun, May 17 5:41pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@anacreon Hi again. I have been thinking about you and wondering if changes in treatment has resulted in any changes with your fatigue. It is also true that season changes can present opportunities to address fatigue in new and meaningful ways. With all restrictions being realized during the Pandemic we all need to also be attentive to symptoms that are appearing in response to all happening there. Increased fatigue would not be unusual. Have you met success in new or different ways to address your fatigue? Nancy

Sun, May 17 5:10pm · Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19 in COVID-19

Last Monday was the first day I could schedule my August appointment. Understanding was expressed when I stated my hesitation to make the 1,100 mile 3 day trip from south central PA to Mayo in Rochester. The appointment was scheduled as Zoom meeting first week of August. All lab requirements will be collected here at my local Cancer Treatment Center then mailed to the Clinic with materials provided with the requests. We are grateful not to be planning an extended trip with a week of overnights amid all the unknowns. I have had a local phone appointment this spring. Has anyone had recent video appointment at any of the Clinics? Nancy