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Mon, Nov 4 12:06pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

I am currently recovering from 2 emergency surgeries on spinal cord and cervical and thoracic spine. Please know all that efforts to keep legs and abdomen strong have been huge assets in this recent adventure. Anything we do to help ourselves is not wasted. When I was able to stand the night after surgery, the amazed nurse asked how I did that. "Patients ALWAYS need assistance." And, yes, that culprit fatigue doesn't miraculously disappear. But having weapons to move forward is empowering. Many helpful ideas have been posted above. Something for everyone! Not quite a candy store, but close. 😀 Thank you everyone. Embrace your strengths. Nancy

Tue, Sep 24 8:56am · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

In June 2016 I was still working out at a gym. 1-1/2 hours 3 days a week, had been on trainer designed progressive program for months, then Neuro Surgeon said no more gym, and proceeded to add to his list. Even put pulling weeds on the list! (Yes, a favorite.) Thats when I started making my can do list, on my way home. At this point, bone condition is so poor, even on all bone strengthening drugs and IVs, that last neck fusion has pulled loose, spine shifted causing additional damage. Collapsed lumbar spine with crushed nerves is off the table.Thursday I have appointment to see what options are possible. He was named best on the east coast, with zero infection rate, so no need to go elsewhere. Have never felt fear since 2004 myeloma diagnosis, no need to start now. Just remind myself that God's got this and it doesn't get better than that! Great to have no anxiety, no depression. Body has stress but my mind doesn't. Some might call that denial, I know it is faith. Though I can't use your suggestions for now, you have probably helped many others with your wonderful post. Meanwhile, I am following weather predictions to decide which of 2 dresses to wear to outdoor wedding Saturday. Hey, it's a big decision, right? 😀
Thanks again. Nancy

Mon, Sep 23 8:19pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@marvinjsturing You are truly blessed with that cancer history. Stay well! And keep that sense of humor.
We did a lot of RV travel, once were told the tsunami watning signs at the campground were serious. They told us if we heard the sirens we had 10 minutes to unhook and get to the cemetery up above. :0) Managed to sleep well anyway!

Mon, Sep 23 12:54pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@marvinjsturing Glad the mental fatigue idea is helpful, Marvin. The past two years I saw many days with plenty of mental energy, little to no physical energy. I used that opportunity to finish 5 books for my family, self publish for them and not sales and distribution. Accepting that activities take longer because of breaks and shorter "work" periods makes it all good. At 78, not a darn thing wrong with slowing down after a lifetime being an energizer bunny! 😝 You seem to have a handle on taking care of yourself while still giving to others. And your sense of humor shines through! Are you still feeling fulfilled? What works best for you? Nancy

Mon, Sep 23 12:12pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@merpreb Sometimes I make it up as I go along. But main restrictions have to do with weight lifting limits, and to not "twist" when bending. I also say "no" to offers of help when it refers to something I can do myself. ( Do you hear that child saying she can do it herself? 😁) When I drop something, I squat to pick it up, then squat one or two more times. Anything to keep legs strong. "Sit/stand" repetitions are good. I stay aware of strengthening abs in all opportunities. Slow deep breaths helps with pain management. I don't use light weights as much as would be good. Most of these things do not do a lot for stamina, but I'll get to that down the road. Bet you do a lot without recognizing how good it is for you, Merry. What do you think? Nancy

Sun, Sep 22 6:15pm · Multiple Myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi there! When I first read your post, you made a statement about mm being "the gift that keeps on giving", and that couldn't be more true to my experience! At the time, you certainly had a few issues on the table. Of note was near remission, but continuing to deal with progressive lesions, and I wonder how you are doing these days. Do you mind offering an update?

Sun, Sep 22 6:03pm · Multiple Myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@ozys Hi ozys! It has been a long while since your beginning posts, and I wonder how things have been for your husband as well as for yourself. Myeloma can take many twists and turns for all of us. I didn't know your ages as that can make a large difference in what this diagnosis means for our lives. I had to laugh at my Mayo checkup in August when I learned the past six months were especially rough because the treatment dosages were higher than usually given to patients "my age!" That would be 78. :0) But it sure worked!
So, how are things going for you and your husband? Nancy

Sun, Sep 22 5:42pm · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@merpreb @kjewels @becsbuddy
Thank you all. Exercise in any form does help. What I neglected to mention is that my spine is so damaged that pain and bone condition limit what that exercise looks like, but I can get pretty creative! As pushups on the counter while coffee reheats yet one more time in the microwave! Anemia is also a gift of myeloma. Sometimes I make a simple meal or special dessert and send an invitation. Who has learned that pushing yourself at home or to go out where you have friends and/or family will provide mental, emotional and physical good? (Especially with lots of silly conversation!)