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Thu, Sep 5 6:41pm · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

My yearly IV reclast was initiated by my rheumatologist. I no longer see him since I cannot have arthritis meds due to kidney risk. The Zometa is now part of cancer treatment. After a year of monthly treatments it is now quarterly. Never questioned or challenged by insurance. Have you appealed a decision of denial? Your oncologist could certainly make a good argument on your behalf. Maybe others "out here" have experience with this. Hope this helps. Nancy

Mon, Sep 2 8:43am · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hello cindydee and others. I had Reclast with no problem before starting treatment for my cancer, Multiple Myeloma, with no problem. When I started monthly infusions it was called " Zometa". The first two times it caused major bone pain. A MM patient shared information she learned – take daily Claritin. It reduced my pain immediately by about 80%. One of my cancer treatments caused the same pain. Again, significant relief when I tried using Claritin those months while getting those infusions. This summer a drug rep for that cancer treatment explained the science behind that use of Claritin. It may be worth a conversation with your physician. My PCP encourages continued use since Claritin is essentially"harmless". I now get Zometa quarterly and see no side defects while taking Claritin. That pain is pretty rough, not your imagination, and to find relief is a gift. Good luck going forward. If you have opportunity to give this a try, will you please share your experience? Blessings. Nancy

Wed, Aug 14 9:48am · Loss: What Do You Do When There is No Closure? in Loss & Grief

Yes, Kathi, my reply was intended for you. If you would like to have conversation with me, I would be honored. You can email me, or we could have phone conversation if you wish. I would like to know you are using all available resources to help with your exceptional grief.

Mon, Aug 12 9:30am · Loss: What Do You Do When There is No Closure? in Loss & Grief

I am so sorry for your loss. It stands to reason that you would have such major grief losing a daughter who was so close to you. The fact that her death was so unexpected has compounded the difficulty of accepting the reality. This is still fresh and painful in a way only time can address. Have you learned of any grief groups in your area? How do you feel about grief counseling? While it would be helpful and meaningful to have friends at times like this, even that sometimes isn't enough. It is encouraging that you are able to reach out for help, because there is help available for you. Specialists can help you identify your own particular needs, and those things that are most possible to help you going forward. Do not hesitate to see your primary care physician. In addition to helping you make healthy choices, you may find that perhaps medication will help you maximize your efforts to care for yourself. Sometimes our thinking doesn't even make sense, as wanting the pain to stop, yet not wanting that at the same time. I once thought the pain of loss was what helped me maintain my memories. Not true, but at one moment it made all the sense in the world. Good luck to you in finding what you need, Know there just isn't a "normal grief" path where one size fits all. And remember how you have recovered from grief in your past, for this is the same in that respect. You will be okay. Not the same, but okay. Please be gentle with yourself as you find your best path. Thank you for trusting yourself and the Connect community. Will you let us know how you are doing as you find your way?

Sat, Jul 13 8:58am · Pursuing Life Balance: Meet @baxtersmom in About Connect: Who, What & Why

Gail, thank you for sharing your retirement and gifts with the Connect community. It has been a pleasure to meet Baxter's Mom, and to benefit from your helpful and insightful posts. It sometimes feels like I receive more than I give. Welcome aboard! Nancy

Thu, Jul 4 9:05am · Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy?? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Since my only experience with one bone marrow biopsy involved no difficulty or discomfort, I can't speak to your issue. I agree with Colleen that you need to make that call and start to find an answer. It is understandable that you don't want to enter other tests, but you also don't need to depend on guesswork for help with this pain, Are you comfortable contacting the practice that did the biopsy June 14?

Fri, Jun 28 2:27pm · Thinking Smart, Not Scared: Meet @1nan in About Connect: Who, What & Why

I grew up in Beaver Falls, 32 miles north of Pittsburgh. Have been in Chambersburg ever since 1956.

Fri, Jun 28 2:21pm · Thinking Smart, Not Scared: Meet @1nan in About Connect: Who, What & Why

You made it a pleasure, Rosemary.