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3 days ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

We are very happy with delivery options and service of Shipt. Paying reasonable monthly fee, same day delivery isn’t unusual. They are having nationwide hiring campaign to better meet current need.

Sun, Mar 22 4:46pm · COVID-19: It’s time to come together — virtually in About Connect: Who, What & Why

My sister used to like to hand piece quilts but got busy with life and hadn't done that for years. She has downsized this past year and has little to do so she ordered a quilt kit to pick up an old favorite hobby. It reminded me I have two unfinished projects on a shelf and they would make great gift items. We all can reach back in our minds and find those things that used to make us happy "when we had time" to do them. It also might be a good time to start a new project with items ordered online.

Sat, Mar 21 9:44am · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

5CHOP I admire your fortitude as you deal with this very difficult side effect we all deal with. Does it get better? My experience says it changes. You are doing what is necessary to keep strength and stamina at your best at this point in time. With a goal to not lose ground you will realize other things you can do. If we focus on what we can do as you are, the losses seem less. If you call that better you will feel successful. Keep finding the good in what you can do as you accept your changes. That golf effort is more than many of us can do or could have done. Will you check back in with the other successes you see? Nancy

Sat, Mar 21 8:39am · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Sometimes our bodies remind us we need a day to rest. No prescribed plan is for seven days a week. Enjoy some down time.

Tue, Mar 17 2:44pm · COVID-19: It’s time to come together — virtually in About Connect: Who, What & Why

Our local Weis grocery store has waived their fee. Perhaps you may find the same elsewhere.

Sun, Mar 8 4:34pm · MGUS in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hello @stuckonu. I see Teresa is there for you and I really can’t improve on what she says. The only thing that I feel doctors sometimes miss is when the stress of all this navigation tends to cause a chemical imbalance that can lead to a very treatable depression. Have you ever had experience with this or have any of your professionals talked with you about an evaluation? Nancy

Dec 20, 2019 · Multiple Myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi again. I started my first treatment for Kappa MM in June 2016 at age 75. Since then I have been on 5 more protocols. As they stopped being effective, as all eventually do, my local doctor consulted with Mayo doctor and we moved forward. There are so many new treatments for blood cancers that there is reason for high hopes for all of us! You may laugh but I love change. Every change was welcome. Bottom line, all have helped much in the way of managing a chronic disease. You ask if I am in remission. The answer is yes, but the way I got there was pretty much divine. This fall I had 2 major emergency surgeries in 8 days. On learning what was ahead I asked God to take care of all things cancer because I would have my hands full with all things spinal and neurological. Two months later, after no treatment and unimaginable stress, it was time to get labs and restart treatments. We got a Christmas miracle. Against all things reasonable I was in full remission. No myeloma cells in blood or urine. So now we are back to the Mayo plan to ease into maintenance. Please know that there is always a treatment option available these days. Is your mom understanding MM in the way you are, sharing in conversation together what you learn?

Dec 19, 2019 · Multiple Myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi! First, I hope you are having a happy time of celebrating the season holiday. To us it is Merry Christmas.
As for onset of treatment, the every 3 month check of labs made the decision. My Mayo doctor said that when the M Spike reached 3.2 he would start treatment. Over the years I just dealt with whatever health issues surfaced and didn't worry about MM. My position was that I refused to be held hostage by fear, especially fear of something that might never happen. Routine was get labs, see local oncologist/hematoligist, put MM on "back burner" and keep living life. We made annual trips to Mayo, our "vacations"! When benchmark was hit my response was, "Ok, let's do this". And my 2 doctors started working together. So glad I didn't waste the beautiful 12 years with worry. Does this help?