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Oct 21, 2019

How to add Connect to your Safe Senders List

By Lisa Lucier, @lisalucier

If you’ve been participating in discussions on Mayo Clinic Connect and suddenly it seems they all dried up — no more email notifications — it might be your email client. 

Email notifications from Connect may be going to spam or bouncing, stopping all emails from appearing in your inbox. But it’s fixable, and here’s how.  

To prevent Connect-related emails from going to your junk mail or spam, add Connect's sender address "@n1.hubapplication.com" to your safe sender list, which is often called “whitelisting.” Here are instructions on how to do this for various major email providers:

For AOL email

For Gmail 


For Outlook (Hotmail)

For Yahoo mail 

See these written instructions by MailChimp on how to add an email to your safe sender list for a variety of email clients.

If you do find a Connect email in your spam folder, move it back to the inbox and mark it "Not Spam." Eventually your email will catch on. 

Also, your email could be bouncing and not getting delivered to you. If your mailbox is full, you have an out-of-office auto reply turned on or your server is acting up, this may be why. If you think this may apply to you, you can prevent your Connect emails from bouncing. Send your username and mention a bouncing concern to the Connect moderation team using the Contact a Community Moderator form. The team can check on it and get you back on track to receive notifications when new posts are made and keep you connected with community members.  

Even as email clients are cracking down on spam and your Connect notifications may be falling victim to that, you can make sure you don’t miss any. Take a moment and add Connect to your safe sender list and make sure your Connect emails don’t bounce.  

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