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May 24, 2019

Sharing, Caring and Lending a Virtual Ear: Meet @gingerw

By Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor, @rosemarya

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2019.5.21.@gingerw.Connect Spotlight

ROSEMARY: What brought you to Mayo Clinic Connect? What motivates you to take part in the community?

@gingerw: I have been receiving the Mayo Clinic newsletters by email for years, and always was impressed with the wide variety of subjects covered. One day, there was a link to Connect, and I took a chance. What a game changer!

ROSEMARY: What about Connect makes you feel comfortable to share and to be open with the community?

@gingerw: This community consists of motivated people. We share, we care, we lend a virtual ear to others who reach out. As an adult on the autism spectrum, interfacing in cyberspace is easier for me than face-to-face sometimes.

ROSEMARY: What groups do you participate in?

@gingerw: Among them, Mental Health, Chronic Pain, Kidney & Bladder, Transplants, Autoimmune Diseases, Depression & Anxiety, Just Want to Talk , but I always scroll through the Connect Daily Digest in case there is something that piques my interest.

ROSEMARY: Tell us about a meaningful moment on Connect.

@gingerw: When others who read my posts feel they have received some information or find relevance, it’s a good feeling. Like so many in this community, I have gone through a lot in my lifetime. If my experiences and support can make a difference to someone, then my mission is accomplished.

ROSEMARY: What surprised you the most about Connect?

@gingerw: How easy it was to step up and start posting!

ROSEMARY: What energizes you, or how do you find balance in your life?

@gingerw: I value time spent creating artistic things, be it with fabric, yarn or pen. Also, I love the outdoors. The picture here is of Multnomah Falls in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. We visited there in 2017; the area was decimated later that year in a wildfire.

ROSEMARY: Tell us about your favorite pastime or activity.

@gingerw: Last year I took my first lesson in Zentangle, and find the meditative drawing a good adjunct for my other therapies. In fact, this summer I will become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, after attending a multiday training in Rhode Island. It’s my new go-to pastime.

ROSEMARY: Do you have a favorite quote, life motto or personal mantra?

@gingerw: I have two. A recent one is “Find Joy in the Journey.” The other one is a quote often attributed to Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

ROSEMARY: Puppies or kittens?

@gingerw: Definitely kittens.

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@lioness @hopeful33250 @becsbuddy @johnbishop @IndianaScott @rosemarya @thankful @contentandwell Thank you all for the positive replies! I was so reluctant to share, but am glad I did. And a big thank you to @rosemarya for her guidance.


@gingerw Nice to know a bit more you. Making lines keeps me sane.


@lioness. Bugs love me and follow me around. I am my husband's best mosquito repellent. When he’s next to me no mosquitoes go near him.

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I heard, but don’t know if it is true,…but people with higher sugar in their bodies attract bugs while those with lower sugar do not attract insects. Scientifically, maybe someone knows. On this, I'm just might be passing on a bad rumor. If so, sorry. If not, hopes this is found 'interesting '.

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