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5 hours ago · Journaling - The Write Stuff For You? in Just Want to Talk

@oxbeaux As in any endeavor, there is always a "day one". Applauding your first day, and the bravery to start. I read your post this morning before heading out to do a bit of yard work. It gave me great food for thought, as my hands were busy yanking at unwanted growth [weeds]. Any form we use to get thoughts down is what works for us that day. Another time we might choose to use pen and paper, or draw out out thoughts/feelings, or cut out images from a printed source. Place a clipping from the newspaper or magazine that speaks to us, then write how it affects us. Mementos that mean something to us. It's all good!

Condolences on your recent loss, and now the big change in your life as you left what was familiar and ventured into your siblings' territory. Has your RV become a welcome respite for you, or are you planning your return to Phoenix area soon? Your journal is literally an open book for you to explore yourself, and your surrounding world.

Thank you for joining us here, please come back when you can. We can pretty much promise to be here and be of whatever support you need!

13 hours ago · Mild kidney insufficiency: How fast does it progress? in Kidney & Bladder

@spudmato It's always nerve-wracking to hear a medical professional make a comment like this, isn't it? You feel your life has turned upside down, and they say "mild". A great place to start is from one of knowledge and education, which you are doing. Finding out your eGFR, known as percentage of kidney function, is important. Remember we are each different. As @kamama94 said, we naturally lose function as we age, but if there is another factor, you want to find that out. Genetic dispositions, medication side effect, lifestyle, high blood pressure, diabetes complication, all can play a part. Knowing this will help you manage daily and in the long run.

Ask your Dr about a referral to a good nephrologist. "If I was your sibling, where would you send me?" personalizes it, and hopefully places importance on a good new member of your medical team. Your PCP may not be who you turn to for the tough questions on your new issue, so don't be surprised if they defer your questions to a better trained specialist. "What can I do to make the best of the situation?" "Are there other organs affected?"

Dietary changes will not only be healthier for you, but may assist your issue. Besides the info you get here on Mayo Connect, research support groups in your area. There is also rsnhope.org who offers online Zoom meetings for kidney disease patients.

We're here to help each other! Do you have contributing health factors, if you care to share?

6 hours ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

@amandanburnett She is going to be a fairly good sized pupper if her feet are any indication! what a cutie! You know we will want [demand?] visual updates on her progress to adulthood, along with proof of antics involved!

12 hours ago · Worried about keeping an upcoming CKD lab and nephrologist appointment in Kidney & Bladder

@fiesty76 I also use Quest Labs, and have since 2017, using locations in 4 different areas in two states. I like the fact there is a database that can be pulled from by my Dr's. My own personal experience with Quest, is that they have set their first hour of the day for seniors and health-compromised people. I make my appt to be their first of the day, and get there early to wait and be first in line. There are patients who walk-in, but if I am there first, I get in first. This minimizes my exposure. And, I am not above telling someone else waiting, they need to be masked and distanced ;)) I find the labs are keeping good sanitation protocol, as are my medical places.

I have labs pulled 2 weeks before my appt, so the lab will email me results before the appt.

1 day ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

@zeiracorp You had me worried, also! I would love to see this thread continue!

2 days ago · What to eat when you have diabetes, heart and kidney issues? in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94 Flavor is key for me, too. I don't do tomatoes, even before this CKD, because I just don't like them! I use a lot of pepper and spices, my favorite mixed seasoning is Mrs. Dash salt free line, especially garlic and herbs.

2 days ago · Low blood count after Kidney Transplant in Transplants

@parojulie And an important thing that all of us bear in mind is the fact that we are each different! While we share our journeys, we are unique, and what happens/works for one may be different for the next person. You are getting some great advice and support here. My husband received a transfusion while still in the hospital, but hasn't since then.

2 days ago · What to eat when you have diabetes, heart and kidney issues? in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94 I will eat out of the cookpan, no problem. I will eat salad and main dish on same plate, no problem. It's just too many things to clean at once can be overwhelming enough to not do anything ;))