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23 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@parus Danged, so sorry to hear the second procedure did not "take" as hoped for. What now? Any other recourse?

1 day ago · Living Donor Kidney surgery next Tuesday: Any advice? in Transplants

@earlenes Wow! And, thank you for stepping up to do this! As the wife of a kidney recipient, I know how much of a difference this will make in the life of your recipient, let alone in your own life! It is an awesome gift you offer!

Please come back and let us know how it all goes for you!

1 day ago · So tired of being stuck... in Depression & Anxiety

@lindak1tx Welcome to Mayo Connect. I am really glad you reached out to us, and felt comfortable sharing as you have. As you can see by our posts, you are not alone in having depression. Likewise, how we handle it and come to grips, is an individual thing. Often it takes a lot of time to figure what will work for us as an individual. Hearing about others' struggles will hopefully give you insight, rather than making you feel worse. Just the act of sharing has its positive rewards.

Like others here I have dealt with depression. For me, journalling has been a big help. I pour out my feelings of all sorts, sometimes down to the littlest details. I use paper and pen, not a computer. It is amazing to see how the writing changes! I do not criticize myself for grammar or content, just write. [like you I have an eye for detail, and writing it out on paper gives you less chance to delete and forget/ignore!] Also, getting out to exercise in fresh air helps, as does eating healthy for your body.

What would you like to do if this depression was not there? Can you script it out and see how you could take small steps towards this goal? Not big steps, just little ones at first. Can you allow yourself to imagine in your mind how you would accomplish this, visualize this? See how much you would love to do that thing you hold dear!? Take a small step towards that goal, then another.

The other replies have mentioned several ideas, so I hope you will read them and take all of our thoughts into consideration. We come from a caring place here, and want you to feel better. Medications alone cannot do it all; you need to "want to" in your mind also, and work towards a brighter tomorrow. Please come back and let us know how we can help you.

2 days ago · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing Getting a spot on the list is a great step. Holding good thoughts on those shadows.

2 days ago · Art for Healing in Just Want to Talk

@jenniferhunter And I think the reverse may also be true! I find that as someone who does creative things, my sense of observation is heightened as compared to others. We tend to notice small differences, and can excel in a combination of medical/legal and artistic pursuits. The right and left sides of our brains being utilized together.

2 days ago · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

@sirgalahad Waving my hands wildly to welcome you back here. You've had a tough go recently. I hope you have not been adversely affected by the fires and the environmental concerns of those. Your story is your story, and we each can relate to certain parts of it I am sure. Thank you for being here and thank you for giving us your perspective. You are a strong person and have persevered in light of what others would have you do.

3 days ago · From the Kidney Donor's Perspective: Meet @mauraacro in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@mauraacro It is so important for people to understand the importance of organ donation. Thank you for stepping forward to make the sacrifice of donation to someone in need. And thank you for spreading the word to those who are interested!

3 days ago · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@johnbishop Some interesting ideas here. Thank you for posting this; I bet it will give several of us, myself included, food for thought on how to manage everyday!