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Some possible answers: Diagnosed with POTS
So, I had my first Long Covid Recovery Care appointment and was diagnosed with POTS. Which the doctor feels was brought on by Covid. He...
Last active: Dec 22, 2023
How common is POTS after long COVID exposure?
I’m having trouble understanding my current medical symptoms and situations in general. I was really sick on October 2021 but nose swab was negative all...
Last active: Feb 5, 2023
Anyone else diagnosed with POTS after having Covid?
Has anyone else been diagnosed with POTS after having Covid? Now my fasting glucose level is also high and I am having gut issues.
Last active: Apr 6, 2023
Diagnosed a while ago with POTS but my BP...
I was diagnosed with POTS about 8 months ago when at my PCPs, I was dizzy and my face went numb. 180/120. A quick dose...
Last active: Apr 18, 2023
Low dose Naltrexone for POTS helping alot
Hello all. Hope lots of you are getting better. My son has/had POTS. I put him on LDN and he is so much better. So...
Last active: Apr 20, 2023
POTS, Pre- or Post-COVID: Where did you find treatment and what helps?
Hello- I’m looking for others diagnosed with POTS, whether you had it before or after COVID. I’d like to know if you’re willing to share:...
Last active: Mar 31 7:54am
This one's for the ladies... symptoms swing with hormones?
I've noticed that many of my symptoms exactly line up with fluctuations in my menstrual cycle. Especially the POTS ones and brainfog. Anyone else? I've...
Last active: Dec 13, 2022
How does the Vagus Nerve play a part in PASC
I have heard about a clinic has succeeded in reducing the pain of PASC by stimulating the Vagus Nerve and offering other physical treatments. I...
Last active: 5 days ago
Vomiting liquids post covid
Anyone else experience daily vomiting post covid? I had Delta variant 8/21 and Omnicron 1/22 and have been vomiting since. I had a virus in...
Last active: May 31, 2023
Novavax during Long Covid
Since March 2020, I have been amazed by the effects of Covid on my body: Atrial Flutter requiring cardioversion, POTS, Tinnitus, Mast Cell activation, double...
Last active: 4 days ago