Your Tips on How to Get Off to the Best Start with a New Specialist

I’m looking for your best tips.
Starting a relationship with a new specialist can be daunting. You want to get off to a good start and ensure that you establish mutual respect and are able to develop trust. You want to know you’re in good hands. What is their expertise and experience? What research are they doing? Will they listen and consider your input?

How do you get off to the best start with a new provider? What suggestions would you tell a friend who is going to see a new doctor?


I wish you could have been with me. When I asked him questions he said "Nope" when I said do you think my symptoms could be related he again said "Nope" I asked if another scan should be ordered since the tumor couldnt be visualized on my pituitary gland. He said Christmas…all done in less than 10 minutes. I am not sure what dismissed is but I did feel that way. I am hopeful that when visiting a MD they are open to questions and look you in the eye and not looking towards the door.

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Wow! I do believe you, it is just hard having seen so many doctors there. I am hoping tomorrow goes better for you.

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