Your experience with ECT treatments for Depression

Posted by phxlife @phxlife, Apr 28, 2021

Hi…I have had Depression since around age 16 (now 60) and have been on anti-depressants since 1990, which have been keeping my depression steady-Eddie. Over the past 7 years, my depression and anxiety have amped up, and it is “normal” for me to have a flatness about me, a lot of difficulty making any decisions, brain fog, and I am seriously considering ECT treatments. They’ve come so far with this as a very useful tool in helping people with depression. I’ve researched it at length, and see there are about 4 prominent Psychiatrists at Mayo-Rochester who list this as part of their practice. Thoughts?

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Hi @phxlife,
There are a few discussions about electroconvulsive therapy here on Connect. I posted them below so that you could check them out.
Have you been on the same medication for 30 years or have you switch it up?

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