YAG Laser Iridotomy Complications

Posted by jigglejaws94 @jigglejaws94, Sep 25, 2016

Has anyone had a laser iridotomy with resultant “ghost images” or a crescent of light in field of vision?

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I agree with you! I’m 34 and I’m worried that a laser is going to impact my vision for the rest of my life. I’ve been reading so many forums online (like this one) that say that people are having huge visual issues due to the placement of the hole. Why aren’t more drs looking at this? It’s terrifying.

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Why are people not suing the ophthalmologists? More importantly why are attorneys not willing to represent those of us suffering. My life has been a nightmare since laser iridotomy. I was given ZERO information of side effects and my vision is forever changed dramatically. My anxiety and inability to live quality of life are worth financial responsibility on the clinic/doctor. In our society, people are paid money for the most superficial changes to their bodies/face etc…due to negligence , but one's vision is not worthy. I am furious and completely regret having laser iridotomy. My brain has not adapted whatsoever to the negative lasting effects. It is heartbreaking to not have vision due to a procedure that I did not need to get.


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How long ago was your surgery?


had YAG and still hard to see and read????

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