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Wondering if There are any Doctors that specialize in Bertolotti's Syndrome.

Posted by @casieann in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Apr 6, 2015

Wondering if There are any Doctors that specialize in Bertolotti's Syndrome. I am moving to Florida and I desperately need to find someone who can relieve me of this pain.


Posted by @rebeccamcroberts, Apr 6, 2015

Hi Casie. We'd recommend that you reach out to our appointment office at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Florida. You can reach the team there at (904) 853-2000.


Posted by @casieann, Apr 6, 2015

ok Thank you


Posted by @jaes, Feb 1, 2016

Hi Casie- my daughter also has BErtolotti's and we are looking for doctors with surgical expertise in this rare condition in the Washington DC or New York City area. Thanks in advance for your help


Posted by @anonymous-90348, Feb 1, 2016

Hi @jaes and welcome to Connect.

I'm also going to tag @happytrails123 and @reneep to bring them into this discussion.
How is your daughter's care being handled now? Is surgery being recommended?

@casieann Did you see this post by @reneep where she talks about the care she got at Mayo in Florida?

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Posted by @jaes, Feb 1, 2016

My daughter is currently under the care of her pop but we hare planning to see several spine specialists. She has failed conservative therapy- PT & pilates
She has a standing desk and special chair at work. The steroid injection only provided temporary relief. So, I think surgery is the next step. From my research I learned it is very important to be sure which parent of the back is the etiology of the pain,that with Bertolotti's there can be aberrant neuro and vascular anatomy - so it seems choice of surgeon is paramount to successful outcome. Since the condition is not very prevalent and there is no consensus as to best management or surgical approach I am looking for a surgeon who has done LOTS of cases of Bertolotti's and would be grateful if anyone knows such a surgeon. Am willing to go anywhere in US


Posted by @colleenyoung, Feb 3, 2016

Hi @jaes,
At Mayo, we have specialists in the Spine Centers at all 3 locations Rochester MN, Phoenix AZ and Jacksonville FL. I recommend contacting your preferred location and asking for an appointment at the Spine Center there. You can also inquire which location has more experience with Bertolotti's. Here's the page with all the contact info


Posted by @towersnow13, Dec 27, 2016

Hello, Can anyone advise me of Doctors in Pittsburgh ,PA that specialize in Bertolotti's Syndrome? Thank You.

Posted by @JustinMcClanahan, Dec 28, 2016

Hello Towersnow13, welcome to Connect.

Thank you for asking about Bertolotti's Syndrome. I moved your discussion and combined it with a previous discussion regarding the same topic of other members searching for physicians that specialize in Bertolotti's Syndrome. While no one here specifically discussed Pittsburgh, @jaes discussed looking for doctors in the NY area.

In the meantime, would you mind sharing with other members a bit more about yourself? Have you been diagnosed with Bertolotti's Syndrome?

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