Withdrawing from rasagiline (Azilect)

Posted by anna1060 @anna1060, Oct 9, 2018

I have taken rasagiline as a mono treatment since my diagnosis a year ago. I want to come off it for several months to have a procedure done which includes the use of lidocaine. Is anyone willing to share what they experienced after stopping ragasiline?

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Hello @anna1060
I just saw your post and I wonder if your neurologist had offered you a replacement drug when you go off you go off your current med?


Left a patient portal message but haven't heard from him yet. (Globe-trotting researcher type, I'm afraid.) Besides, I'd like to see who I actually am without it now after a year.



That is certainly understandable. When you started taking the med, which of the PD symptoms did it help the most?


My motor symptoms were quote mild (list to left in gym situations; slower left hand performance while typing or "finger-flapping." Non-motor symptoms included anxiety because my brother had recently died from PD complications; increased irritability; and a kind of melancholia which I ascribed to boredom in retirement. Not enough in themselves for Dx. However, after a DaT scan, my movement specialist determined it was incipient PD. Rasagiline alone was prescribed as a possible block to progression. It certainly has been successful at keeping any further motor symptoms at bay. The non-motor are more iffy; they often depend on whether I'm getting along with my daughter-in-law! Memory weaknesses worry me but being 81 may account for some lapses. So, in answer to your question, I must say I don't know my indebtedness to the pharmaceutical industry.

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