Wild Fires

Posted by Tina Sims @tinaesims, Jul 27, 2021

Is anybody else having problem with their air quality and coughing due to the wildfires? I live in the midwest and it's a problem here. I'm coughing up yellow and brown spudem. Besides wearing a mask and using my saline solution I'm not sure what to do.

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Hi, Tina- I am in Idaho and live in a valley and we are getting smoke from our own fires as well as fires from California, Oregon and Washington that is trapped in our valley. It is horrible. I have been staying indoors as much as possible. I, like you have been masking when I go out and also nebulizing albuterol and saline three times a day to try to clear my lungs. I just purchased an air purifier but I'm not sure if it is helping because I am not noticing much of a change in my stuffy nose and cough. I haven't given you much help but I am thinking of you and sympathize. I am looking forward to fall.

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