Anyone else dealing with Demodex Mites? What helps?

Posted by gottab @gottab, May 12 1:54pm

Every time I search this entire site for info on demodex mite help, I get grover's disease. They are not the same. So will you please create a demodex mite group under Skin Health?

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@gottab When I looked up Grover's Disease and demodex mites, there are articles that point to the fact that the two are probably related. And that is why you seem to find what you did, nothing specific to the mites, but connected to Grover's disease. Does this make sense to you?

While I do not have issues with either condition, I am nonetheless curious to hear from you what your experience is, and how you are handling it all. Tell me all about it!


@gottab, I modified the title of this discussion in the Skin Health support group so that there is now a space dedicated to the topic of Demodex or face mites and demodicosis.

For anyone looking for more information:
– Demodex (Face Mites)


Ginger, thank you for adding this subject to the Skin Health site. As requested, my experience with demodex mites is that doctors do not seem to know a lot about them and it is difficult for the doctors to successfully diagnose mites. I do have all the symptoms of these pesky parasites: activity around my eyelashes (to the point of blurred vision when active), itchy nose with "movement", ears itching, scalp movement with itchiness and eruptions on my body – at different times, different locations. For instance, I noticed above my eyelashes on my eyelid an eruption and area was red. Tended to the eruption and it is now gone but the redness remains. No rashes that I can determine, however, there is a lot of itching and former eruptions leave a subtle red mark. After three years of dealing with this, my doctor has prescribed ivermectin for two weeks while using metronidazole cream as needed for the itching. By 6 PM (in Jacksonville) the mites are having a "party" on my skin and in my eyelashes to the point that I feel hot all over and begin sweating. Have begun using an icepack on my face to get relief – which helps. This has affected my quality of life and social life being almost non-existent. Am praying the ivermectin will work.

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