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Anyone else dealing with Demodex Mites? What helps?

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Every time I search this entire site for info on demodex mite help, I get grover's disease. They are not the same. So will you please create a demodex mite group under Skin Health?

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@gottab When I looked up Grover's Disease and demodex mites, there are articles that point to the fact that the two are probably related. And that is why you seem to find what you did, nothing specific to the mites, but connected to Grover's disease. Does this make sense to you?

While I do not have issues with either condition, I am nonetheless curious to hear from you what your experience is, and how you are handling it all. Tell me all about it!

@gottab, I modified the title of this discussion in the Skin Health support group so that there is now a space dedicated to the topic of Demodex or face mites and demodicosis.

For anyone looking for more information:
- Demodex (Face Mites) https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/22775-demodex-face-mites

Ginger, thank you for adding this subject to the Skin Health site. As requested, my experience with demodex mites is that doctors do not seem to know a lot about them and it is difficult for the doctors to successfully diagnose mites. I do have all the symptoms of these pesky parasites: activity around my eyelashes (to the point of blurred vision when active), itchy nose with "movement", ears itching, scalp movement with itchiness and eruptions on my body - at different times, different locations. For instance, I noticed above my eyelashes on my eyelid an eruption and area was red. Tended to the eruption and it is now gone but the redness remains. No rashes that I can determine, however, there is a lot of itching and former eruptions leave a subtle red mark. After three years of dealing with this, my doctor has prescribed ivermectin for two weeks while using metronidazole cream as needed for the itching. By 6 PM (in Jacksonville) the mites are having a "party" on my skin and in my eyelashes to the point that I feel hot all over and begin sweating. Have begun using an icepack on my face to get relief - which helps. This has affected my quality of life and social life being almost non-existent. Am praying the ivermectin will work.

Yes omg. Go-to Georgetown University Hospital ER tonight. Have lots of pics. Severe infestation. Can see imprints of them in apartment with no magnification. Back later.

I have been to 3 different doctors and what I am saying is falling on deaf ears., I have these little mites that seem to be mostly around the back of my neck, sides of my neck, my jaw line then tend to crawl up my face. Be attracted to my eyes, sometimes my nose.
And then sporadic here and there on the rest of my body quite a few down the middle of my spine where there's fine hair. It is itchy, they bite, My skin is rough dry. It hurts it Burns. I need help. I do not know what else to do. They're tiny White almost clear. I have attached photos, Can someone just leave me in the right direction? Please

You have my sympathy!! Hope by now you have found a dermatologist who understands Demodex. I found my opthalmologist to be most receptive. My dermatologist is now on board. I have had them for 8 months though I am happy to say that I am much better over the past two weeks. My sense is that I have them “under control” as they are not gone. I have been doing many things so unfortunately can’t point to one thing that alone can help. I first had two rounds of oral ivermectin. That seemed to eliminate the Demodex on my legs and torso. I know have topical Ivermectin ( applied it once to my scalp) and since then once daily facial application (ears neck shoulders included). I also apply metronidazole topical cream twice a day to face, ears, neck and shoulders. And my ophthalmologist prescribed eyelid washes twice a day w Avenova and the new eye drop medicine Xdemvy. In addition, I take daily showers and shampoo w tea tree oil shampoo ( and use the shampoo as body soap as well) and I change my sheets every day or every other day. It is exhausting…. But it is such a relief to have the Demodex under control. I take the Xdemvy for total six weeks (3 more weeks) and have talked w my dermatologist about continuing the topical ivermectin and metronidazole until symptoms resolve. I can now go a few hours w no symptoms…. I am concerned that this might be as good as it can get. And I am not autoimmune…… more research needs to be done on this! Wishing you good luck and resolution!

I'm writing this on February 26, 2024 and I have three more weeks of XDEMVY. I'm 74 and need cataract surgery but have delayed it until I get the Demodex under control. I've just started using 2% Salicylic Acid and it's already made a difference! Today I ordered shampoo, a facial mask, facial cream and eye scrubs from Amazon that are made by Ovante and hope they work. For the past few days I've been using We Love Eyes tea tree eye scrub and their tiny brush. I change my sheets every five days but change the pillows every day. I use 99% alcohol on my makeup brushes and use different brushes for both sides of my face. I have four mascaras and have them marked Left and Right and spray them with the alcohol a few minutes before putting them back into their tube. I spray my pressed powder blush and eye shadow with alcohol after finishing my makeup, and have two eyelash curlers, also marked L/R and spray them with the alcohol.
It may sound like I'm going overboard but I think this is what needs to be done to eradicate them.

They have caused me to have severe dry-eye, which impacts my vision and delayed my cataract surgery.

If anyone knows of anything else I should be doing, please let me know!!

It sounds like you are doing everything possible. I am hoping I am on “the other side” of this problem…. But think they are more under control than eliminated. I am using John Mitchell tea tree oil products…. Shampoo, conditioner, and a leave in conditioner/moisturizer. I needed two rounds of XDEMVY and have been off of it for two weeks using only Avenova to clean my eyelashes twice a day. I am interested in your 2% salicylic acid …. Is that an eye drop solution? As for makeup, I wore no makeup for 6 months and have just started but not daily. I have read in the literature that alcohol does not kill Demodex. I have also started moisturizer on my face but after the tea tree oil has dried. I also purchased 100% tea tree oil and I intend to strengthen my shampoo, body wash and moisturizer though I know that you have to be careful w skin sensitivity. I also used metronidazole and ivermectin on my face, neck, chest and back for about a month while also using all the tea tree oil. Good luck w all your strategies. When I was at the peak of infestation I washed sheets, towels, pillowcases and all clothing after one day of use. I am now washing my sheets every 4-5 days. And I am back to my usual clothing was routine.

It’s Paul Mitchell ( not John) products I have been using. Unfortunately they and many other products just list tea tree oil as an ingredient. I have read to be sure it is mixed w other oil as it can be very irritating. I have seen 50% as max on your skin. I was just thinking of putting a couple of drops in the products I have. I have also noted recently that my skin is dry and can get itchy. But Incan differentiate it from the creepy crawly Demodex sensations. I’d like to use more moisturizers but I am afraid that the Demodex might thrive in that environment….are your eyes itchy from Demodex or might you be developing an allergy to your eye products? And are you using the 2% salicylic acid on your eyes or skin?

We all have demodex mites in our sebaceous glands.
It may not be possible to eliminate all of them.
In most situations they are harmless commensal
residents on our skin. They rarely cause a rash
Simple everyday rosacea topicals usually diminish
any overgrowth. Selenium shampoo can help inour scalp are.
You can use normal skin care items and save money.