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Whole brain radiation side effects

Posted by @karenatmayo, Sep 4, 2017

I finished whole brain radiation two weeks ago (10 treatments) and am suffering horrible side effects. Doctor checked me out 3 days ago and said everything looks ok but I am miserable with NO appetite, feel nauseous, head feels like it’s being squashed in a vice, headaches, dizzy, weak, extreme fatigue. I am taking memantine to hopefully prevent memory loss. I am suffering and feel miserable, cannot function, cannot eat. I am hoping some of these side effects will go away but not optimistic. I am age 68 with metastatic breast cancer spread to bones, lymph nodes, brain – a rather grim diagnosis. Feeling miserable.


Hi @karenatmayo. so sorry that you are feeling so miserable. I’m sending some virtual “brighter days” wishes your way.

If you’re interested, here’s a Mayo Clinic Neuro Chat on Brain Tumors- When you arrive at the listed page there is a “Watch on Facebook” tab. Click that and it will take you to the actual footage.

Also Here are some resources about brain radiation side effects
– Oncolink
– Cancer Research UK

@chuck58201, @irishel and @lindalb are all members here on connect that have discussed radiation and treatment. I hope they will join us in discussion and relate to you what their experiences were.

@karenatmayo how are you doing? My mother is going through the same thing as you, her breast cancer came back in bones and brain. Shes doing chemo pills at home for her back and done 7 of her 10 radiation treatments for brain (whole brain radiation.)

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