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Hi @cshaf19, welcome to Connect. I'd like to bring @wendeth into this discussion. She too had whole brain radiation for breast cancer. Is that correct, @wendeth ?

Cshaf, did you know that there is also a breast cancer group on Connect here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/breast-cancer/
You may wish to join the discussions there, in particular this one:
Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/metastatic-breast-cancer-to-the-bone/

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Thanks, Colleen. Yes, Karen @karenatmato (I hope that finds you!), I had 10 whole brain radiation treatments about 2 months ago. Fortunately very few side effects for me, except for losing my hair. I also stopped my set of post-brain-surgery steroids as I started the radiation treatments. Stopping the steroids I think caused me to be very tired, and then depression set in. I also didn't have much appetite for a few weeks. I took just a month of memantine (eased myself off of it, as it wasn't covered by insurance), but didn't seem to have effects from it. Oh, and my right hand from elbow to small finger have been a little painful and tingling – maybe neuropathy. I'm not on any other cancer treatments right now. I went from triple negative breast cancer, surgery and chemo, then metastatic to liver so more powerful chemo, then a short break from chemo turned into more then a year, then a brain MRI with 2.5 inch cyst took me to brain surgery and radiation. In a few weeks I have a brain MRI to see how the radiation worked.

I'm sorry for your major challenges! Treatments work differently for a lot of us. Oh, I see that your original post was from 2017. I definitely hope and pray that you're a lot better now! Possibly better by being in the next life – as all of us metastatic patients are likely to be coming to. Blessings and love, Wendy