Which SNRI is comparable to Paxil?

Posted by ematthew13 @ematthew13, May 1 12:21pm

Hi there, I am currently on Paxil 40mg but it is causing me major gastrointestinal symptoms. I am considering switching to an SNRI and was curious if there was an SNRI that is comparable to Paxil. I of course will consult with my doctor.

I found Lexapro, zoloft, and Prozac to be way too activating and felt manic on those three. Paxil is very tolerable and would be perfect if gastro issues were not so bad.

Thank you

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The withdrawal from Paxil should be carefully monitored by your physician. Im not sure what the best replacement is. I’m on Paxil and need to also use Clonazapam which I have been trying to decrease. It’s very difficult and at my age 76 I’m not sure I want to do it.I just want to feel normal .
I’ve tried other antidepressants and Paxil
Seems to work the best for me. Good luck


Hello, ematthew13, I don't take anything prescription at the moment, not since I was made to take an antidepressant as a minor, and I don't remember which one or even which kind (class: ssri, tricyclic, etc) it was.
I still have problems with my mental health. I've been looking into nutritional approaches. I just saw this thread which you may find interesting:
Have you been on the Paxil very long? What were your symptoms before starting it? If the other meds you mentioned were too stimulating, I'd be wary of an snri, since my understanding is that they are generally (usually) considered more stimulating than the ssri's.

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