Had Stroke In Sept., Trying to Determine Which Mayo Neurologist to See

Posted by krdonbus10 @krdonbus10, Dec 11, 2019

I have been referred to the Mayo Clinic about a Stroke I had in September. They have no idea what caused it Where I live. I’m excited to go in hopes of finding answers so I can do what’s necessary to prevent another. Is there a Dr you would suggest?

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Hello @krdonbus10,

I am glad to hear that you will be seeing a Mayo doctor regarding your stroke. The best way to find the doctor best suited for your problem would be to call the Mayo Clinic and explain your situation to the person who schedules the appointments. They will direct you to the most appropriate physician at Mayo Clinic. Here is the information for getting an appointment at one of the Mayo facilities, https://www.mayoclinic.org/appointments.

How are you feeling now, @krdonbus10? Have you had any stroke rehab like physical or occupational therapy?


Why are you listed under neurologist? i have not found a neurologist who knows anything about my neuropathy and my blood pressure problem,there is such a thing as autonomic neuropathy and it involves other organs and if they are not in order ,they effect the heart! no cardiologists wants anything to do with all my complicated issues,maybe a cardiologist interventionist will do!


I also had a stroke in September finally after about 4 months someone told me it was a lucnar infarct. The Emergency Room did not give me the care I needed and sent me home telling me it wasn't a stroke….so therefore I am left with damage all on the left side of my body. It feels like compression like thick bands tightening up my arm, ribs front and back, leg and foot. I finally found out they call it dyesthesia….anyone know what the best way to treat this is. I am not having luck with meds. I was wondering if Mayo treats such problems.


Hi, @krdonbus10 – wondering how you are doing and if you ended up being seen at Mayo Clinic? If so, what did you learn at that appointment(s)?

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