Where are you going to get your flu shot?

Posted by rits @rits, Sep 7, 2020

I have always received my flu shot at the doctor's office. In normal times, I saw my pcp twice a year, spring and fall, and a nurse would give me any vaccinations. Last year, I had the flu shot at my pulmonogist's. But I haven't seen any of my doctors in person since last winter. I am having a colonoscopy in two weeks but I can't see getting a flu shot while I'm there. Lol

I also have not been inside a drug store since last winter. I get all my medications through the mail except saline which I pick up from the drive through window.

I would like to get my flu shot. But where is the safest?

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Hi @rits, That is a great question and one I'm sure a lot of folks are thinking even if they are not asking it. I have several autoimmune conditions and I try to be extra careful by following guidelines, washing hands, wearing masks, etc. but I still worry when I go out and try to do necessary shopping during senior hours when less people are out. I got my flu shot a week and half ago at the Hy-Vee grocery store pharmacy where they have a small local walk-in clinic. I felt very safe doing it and I'm glad I got the flu shot.

NPR recently published an article that you may find helpful – 2020 Flu Shot Strategy: Get Yours Early In The Season: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/08/04/897696326/2020-flu-shot-strategy-get-yours-early-in-the-season

I would start by contacting my local health department as I'm sure they can tell you what options are available and hopefully alleviate or ease any fear you might have. Here's a directory of local health departments – https://www.naccho.org/membership/lhd-directory.


Like John Bishop, I generally use a “captive “ pharmacy within a neighborhood supermarket.


Hi there! Some areas plan to offer outdoor drive-thru flu shot stations. May want to inquire into that option with your local health dept. I tend to get my flu shots in Oct. that way they have a better idea of what strains of viruses are circulating and concoct the vaccine around that. I will probably get mine at Kroger Grocery store clinic or Walmart if they offer it. I say Walmart, because they have high ceilings in the store and it is less likely that covid can hang in the air as well.


Thanks to those who replied. I thought your suggestion of the grocery store would be best. I don't like having my food delivered so i have been doing my own grocery shopping. I tried shopping during the time set for seniors but it was too crowded for me. Costco seems to be the only place enforcing it. I tried the supermarket at 6:00 a.m. when it opened but it was crowded with workers loading the shelves as well as many instacart shoppers blocking the aisles. I remembered that when I was teaching evening classes, I would sometimes stop to pick up something on the way home and stores would be empty. So I have been grocery shopping at 10:00 p.m. which is my usual bedtime and it's been great with very few people in the store. Pharmacy is open until 10 so that would work out for my vaccination.

But I remembered that my oncologist sent me to a local immediate care facility for blood tests a couple of weeks ago. I checked their website and they give flu shots there. Moreover, I won't have to wait inside. Their covid procedure requires that the patient check in from the car and they call when they are ready for you. So I can just pop in, get my shot and get out, BTW that's how my vet has been operating. Drop off and pick up at the door. No humans allowed inside.

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