What type of radiation therapy is best for pancreatic cancer?

Posted by davisworld1 @davisworld1, Mar 18 4:48pm

After an unsuccessful Whipple I am advised to do radiation therapy and possibly chemo. Apparently with new technology it can be done in three or one week sessions as opposed to the five to six weeks. I don’t know which is best. One oncologist says six and another says three. Meeting with a doctor at Northwestern in Chicago who has a special machine and does it in one week. Any thoughts or info would be great. Thanks

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Hi! This article and a few others convinced me to call Dr Crane at MSK. Hope you find the info helpful.


I had 5 day proton radiation last week of Sept ‘22 at miami cancer institute they are an affiliate of MSK.. i was not eligible for whipple
I had biliary and dueodenal stents put in prior have digestive issues
I have a PET scan coming up this week to see how Im really doing
Im very nervous. 🙏🏻 Ill let you all know how it goes Trying to stay positive


I just completed 5 days of Truebeam radiation for Stage 1b pancreatic cancer. The tumor was in the body/tail end of my pancreas and was resected in early January however it was growing slightly outside my pancreas anteriorly. This is why they highly recommended radiation. Well, I completed the 5 days of it on Friday & am wondering if I have radiation poisoning. I was very fatigued after each treatment and after day 5, I was so nauseous that I haven’t been able to eat for 2 days. I also cannot get out of bed and my lower back & both legs are aching very badly. Does anyone have any experience with radiation to tell me if this is normal?


I don't know if this is a typical reaction, but make sure you are in touch with your doctor, drinking lots of Gatorade etc to avoid dehydration. Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time after your treatment. I was hospitalized after my first chemo with Folfirinox. Cancer treatment can certainly be rough on the body for sure.


Hi @davisworld1, I think you may be referring to proton beam radiation therapy. Proton therapy is a newer type of radiation therapy that uses energy from positively charged particles (protons).

Proton therapy has shown promise in treating several kinds of cancer. Studies have suggested that proton therapy may cause fewer side effects than traditional radiation, since doctors can better control where the proton beams deliver their energy. But few studies have compared proton radiation and X-ray radiation, so it's not clear whether proton therapy is more effective at prolonging lives.

Proton therapy isn't widely available, although new proton therapy centers are being built in the United States and in other countries.

May I ask what type of radiation you chose and for how long?

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