What to do?? Life after a stroke

Posted by cinque @cinque, Jul 27, 2020

I am a 49yr old Black man revering from a stroke. I don’t know what to do or where to look to do something with my life. By the way i had my stroke in Sept 2019. I have to use a walker and I can’t really talk. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @cinque and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I am sorry to hear of the long term effects of your stroke. Are you aware of the type of stroke you had?

I'm also wondering if you have had physical/occupational and speech therapy after your stroke? These therapies can be very helpful.

What does your doctor say about your recovery?


Hi @cinque, I'd like to add my welcome. There is life after stroke and connecting with others here on Mayo Clinic Connect can help. I echo @hopeful33250's questions. Are you currently able to go to rehab or are you recovering at home? Can you tell us a bit more about you? I will connect you with other stroke survivors like you.


I was 53 May 17, 2015 at work. My stroke was small and you can't tell unless I tell you. Keep smiling 🤗 take one minute at a time and enjoy life. As we found out life changes quickly and changes may take a long time to chance.
What did you do before?
Make sure use all short term disability, long term disability, accident insurance (I had and didn't know it covered stroke until almost too late) all P.T., O.T, and speech and maybe use all your time left for speech and spread it out. You were not born with everything you had and you can get more back then you had -just keep working. Join free support groups -stroke -alphasia -water walking exercises- Tia Chi- chair yoga-library kids dept and read outloud to yourself or a tape recorder (it's hard to listen to but it helps). 🎼🎵🎶

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