What is the most cutting-edge Treatment for depression?

Posted by aliali @aliali, Dec 30, 2019

Look around you. Scientists are able to modify your DNA. They are able to even clone you! Aren’t they able to end a depressed suffering?! I am asking about the most cutting edge treatment for depression


I am having a difficult time finding a medication .. had genetic testing … no SSRI or SNRI .. yet they keep pushing them

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@cac-Could you try a Tricyclic Antidepressant such as Elavil


I've been taking Wellbutrin for 15 years and it still does its job. A couple of years ago I added Mirtazapine because I was starting to have the depression return. I tried 8 or 10 antidepressants before I tried Wellbutrin. It can take some time and patience to figure out what will work.



@aliali, having said that, I will go out on a limb and say that science is getting closer to finding what makes us tick.

We now know that some difficult to treat Depression is actually caused by difficulty in processing folate. Some individuals cannot naturally produce seratonin and dopamine. I am one of the few.

I am grateful to be alive. There are supplements I have to take daily. Thank God, an antidepressant was found that actually works. I still have to work at it.

Hope. Only a four letter word. But very meaningful. Keep hope alive.

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

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@mamacita If I were to share some of depression treatments that I suspect to be the most cutting-edge, I would list the following. Cupping therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, magic mushroom, ginger, beetroot, ECT ( side effects are possible) and TMS. i tried some of the above-mentioned foods and cupping therapy. The foods were truly good to me. Regarding hyperbaric oxygen, ECT and TMS, I wish to hear from someone who has tried these techniques


When I feel bad my doc advised me to use berkshire cbd flowers.


Almost agree with you. But but but


This is not cutting edge by any means but after 30 years of severe episodic depression and over 25 medications I finally found something to work. The 1st anti-depression medication used, called an MAOI. It worked for me when no other medication did. 3 different rounds of ECT, TMS and genetic testing did not help me either. It can be a very dangerous medication if you don't adhere to the many diet restrictions, plus it interacts with all kinds of medications, prescription, over the counter medications, supplements, herbal remedies, etc. If these are not strictly adhered to it can cause a stroke. For these reasons hardly any psychiatrists prescribe it anymore but for me it was a life saver and I got my normal life back. I have been free of my depression episodes for 5 years now. Knock on wood it continues to work! It is not a 1st line treatment medication by any means but it has worked for some who have severe treatment resistant depression when nothing else has worked.

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