What is the average life expectancy of untreated mac?

Posted by carolweinberg @carolweinberg, Mar 29, 2023

What is the average life expectancy of untreated mac? I am 76 years old and have decided not to take the antibiotics. I am 5’4” and weigh 100 pounds.
Thanks. Am I going to suffocate to death? What is dying like with this disease? Thank you. Carol Weinberg

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Thank you so much for your concern. I am aware of the risks, and cautious about minimizing use, but...in addition to hyper-reactive airways and asthma, I have a hyperinflammatory systemic reaction at times. A course of prednisone is the on.y thing that allows me to keep moving. I take every precaution to keep my bones strong with diet, exercise and supplements. I have a DEXA faithfully every 2 years, wand so far, so good!

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I have seen several post where people refer to bone health. I have been waiting for the opportunity to share this with everyone. Since I have learned about this I share this with everyone that I can. These are youtube links that will help you understand about K2, D3, and calcium. Dr. Berg also has a couple of videos you can search for. This is not new research but it was new to me when I learned about it. Now the K2 supplement is hard to find locally so I get it on line, the brand name nutricost Vit. K2 I get the one that also says MK-7 on the bottle. Please please take the time to learn of this and share it with others.


Hello, I am certain every body reacts differently to every disease it is presented with. The way we care for our bodies is important in the food we eat, the way we move our muscles, the rest we get. Everything is connected in our bodies and relies symbiotically on the other. I stopped the big 3 because it made my life worse. Although the drugs were affecting my hearing, my doctor thought I should continue with them even though 3 years later nothing had changed and I was still infected. I will try to be vigilant as time goes on and do what I feel is best for my body. Will MAC kill me? Who knows? It may cause other problems but I am a firm believer in Quality over Quantity. I wish you all the very best!

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I look at things much as you do. I can understand why you stopped meds after taking them for three years with no improvement. I had CT in February showing Mac had progressed. At that time I refused medication. Now I am considering taking big three. The nurse at ID dr suggested I try them for one week. She said there was a chance they would stop progression. I I thought the idea stop in progression sounded pretty good. But when I read some posts about side effects, I get cold feet. I will be 90 in June. To add to my confusion about the big three, another nurse at same doctors office told me if I were her mother, she would tell me not to take them. May I ask how old you are, and would I be presumptuous asking any other thoughts you may have about taking the big three? How are you now? Thank you.

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