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Posted by theonesonofman1981 @theonesonofman1981, May 26 4:14pm

Severe neck, nerve and brain stem area pain discomfort increases with stress in the area right above shoulders in the nap of the neck. Seems ro travel to alternating sides of skull, ie pressure and optic issues as well.
Numbness in thighs not complete, also a adhd anphedemine prescribed, however amphetamines have been different Al volgol and Santos manufacturers at first were sweet, not different taste, no sweet yet same manufacturer and milligram as well, also blood feels like clumping in areas to represent something squeezing in areas, hot and cold spots, espeacially in right hand feels on fire at certain times, inner hip pain along with a groin vibration at times. The rest I leave alone for now but I believe to be victim of another hospital program and other company's. Tryingvto test communications to alter the life on a human and other audio and frequency weapons to break down my nervous system with frequency that change affecting different areas, also use of a fine laser or light directly into the ocular at times almost a piercing feeling, I believe original plan was to break down brain and nervous system so that other systems inside body would follow suit, causing death or stroke, or any debilitating condition that could be overlooked by investigators or coroner's if my body shows up in a morgue. My name is kenneth Lawrence miller crown point Indiana legal address yet my living is in cedar lake. I have camera and video footage of my altered mri and also 4 hrs of audiobfile that a investigation team with the right equipment can hear 4 hrs of conversation between I and the audio sources that seem to be bouncing off at that time from my fireplace motor, no other human in home and TV and speakers off. I'm holding these devices till I'm assured of a real investigation of the crimes against me and my family and freinds etc. I have been tortured for several years and only in the last year let's say they toned it down to just constant meaningless communication both silent inside skull with is silent, it's a synthedic tylepathy used I believe originally trained by using my eyes. Thank you 

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