What can be done to help with hyperacusis?

Posted by wayfarer @wayfarer, Mar 10, 2019

Hyperacusis is a rare hearing disorder. Normal sounds are amplified to the point of becoming painful. Have been to 2 ENTs, had a brain MRI, had 5 audiology tests, took prednisone meds, and tried a hearing aid. Nothing helped. Was told to learn to live with it. Does anyone have a helpful suggestion?


Strange as it may seem, I am almost deaf yet suffer terrible hyperacusis. I have to turn off my hearing aids (which work fine in average settings) when I'm on a noisy street or in a crowd. Lip Reading helps me when I shut my hearing aids off send even when I am using them. There are noise canceling headphones, a good ENT or Audiologist should know about them. They can be adjusted to your needs

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..maybe repeating myself but audiologist not that interested, where I live, as if mainly want to sell haring aids? the ents (2 with a 1 to 2 year wait) dont deal with tinnitu and when I say hyperacusis its like no one has heard that word before…
I have moderate hearing loss but dont yet wear hearing aids as living at home with husband, retired, turn up volume but dont hear beginning and end of a lot of words he says..anyway, the hyperacusis followed increase in tinnitus and other ear issues .. pain, fullness, echo, pressure which no one seems to care about/have a solution: and lately just the noise of the toilet flushing or the washing machine spinning "hurts" ears…. or toilet seat falling down….so odd to not hear yet hear too well.
My tinnitus wake me up during night, or does it? After months/maybe years I started to write down what time of night i was being woken up .. by my tinnitus .. and although not always right on the dot it seems around 1am, 3am, 4.30 to 5am and 6. Arguing with husband, yes, I do have tinnitus mostly 24/7 but surely tinnitus doesnt occur according to the clock!
Must be some things on timers like neighbours (cant see for trees and fences) that have pools, hot tubs; could be trains going by echoing off the lake; exhaust from neighbours gas water heaters on their roof… we are block from trans canada pipeline which apparently makes noise underground and city pumphouse pumping water to the water treatment plant and then to water pipes to thousands of homes??
Honestly, its been a challenge to figure out what is me and what it=s them making sort of machinery noise….but now realize I am like a jigsaw puzzle with: hearing loss, over-hearing, tinnitus, hearing City noises, cant hear some things, can hear some things…and I just try and be grateful I "can hear."!!!!!
What gets me down more now I realize its a combination of things, is the pain and pressure which last for hours to the point of crying, and now ent hinting at recurring tmj from years ago or neck issues??
Talk about wandering through an aural maze! it gets quite painful esp. right side of face etc but as I read some of the things writers are telling us about their operations, deafness, and other ear issues I am trying to be a bit more positive about the things I am coping with.Could be a lot worse and am thinking of those coping with more serious issues than mine…I hope the drs can help you and wish you all the very best outcomes J.

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