What are the take always from recently getting a bronchoscopy done to

Posted by ainek @ainekrech, May 1, 2023

I recently had a bronchoscopy done to see what antibiotics should be taken or not taken. Findings of abnormal cells and some atypical cells, but negative for most stains. Negative for malignancy.
Still having CT done every three months for growing lymph nodules. Watching a couple of one connecting the liver to my stomach.
Are others having multiple issues too?

I have problems with kidneys too.

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Hi Rick
Very sorry to hear what you are dealing with right now. I hope you get some better news very soon. If you would like to share, what fungal infection is affecting you and what is prescribed for that? I have Bronchiectasis and have had a fungal infection since 2014 ( trichosporon mycotoxinivorans) and am looking to learn more from others who have gone through this. I was on various triazole meds for 6 years without clearance but achieved improved symptoms . In Aug 2021 then diagnosed with M. Chimera. Thanks if you want to share any additional info.

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Aspergillus, I am in my 6th month of voriconazole.


I received a phone call from my pulmonary doctor with some results from the bronchoscopy. I have pneumonia and haemophus influenza. Other sputum cultures are still growing with another appointment to discuss results on the 17th of May. The doctor has put me on Levaquin for 14 days. In July I will have a CT to monitor the lung nodules and and a paraesophageal and solitary gastrohepatic lymph node. Keep monitoring, I quess...

Thank you for the information on this site. It is always so helpful.

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I’ve had bronchiectasis for about 10 years but have recently taken a nose dive after air travel. I waited five weeks to get home (too sick to travel) and then had a culture done and had those same bacteria growing (pneumonia and haemophus influenza). Did the Levaquin work? I was out on Cefdinir and no difference (it’s only been three days). Did the Levaquin kill the bacteria?


I’ve only had three days of 14 done so far. Now have a plugged ear too (6th day). Going in tomorrow if that isn’t better. The doctor said the only medicine that would get rid of both would be the Levaquin. I’ll let you know after a week if it works!
We have to just keep plugging along!

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