Weird unwell feeling that stems from head/neck

Posted by lindy1965 @lindy1965, Nov 11 9:58am

I was really sick again (for 2+ weeks) back in September but was testing neg on home tests. However, since being sick I have this ‘feeling‘ that stems from the back of my head, down my neck to the middle of the shoulder blades. It is pain but also makes me feel really unwell and even more fatigued than I was prior to the September illness. Been long hauler since 2020. (+Reactivated EBV)
Still can’t do anything without crashing. Does anyone out there have this weird ‘sick neck’ feeling? I’m so fatigued and depressed. Nothing relieves my fatigue.
wishing you all a great day today. 💕

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Yes, I've had that for awhile now. Long hauler since March 2020. The back of my neck gets kinda sore and uncomfortable, and sometimes my head feels like a burning sensation. In the past few months, I've noticed that bending my neck to put my head down (like sitting at a table doing a jigsaw puzzle or working on the kitchen counter cutting up vegetables, for instance) I start feeling very unwell. I start to feel hot (no fever) and very fatigued. Sometimes I get nauseated, sometimes just like I need to sit down now. Depending on how long I had my head down, this feeling can put me out of commission for hours or even days. I end up going between feeling lousy and sleeping until the feeling finally passes. During the unwell time, my blood oxygen does not drop, my heart rate sometimes goes up a bit (usually mid to high 60s – not pounding or anything like that) my sugar stays normal, temp is normal, and that's everything I can check at home. I know I should go back to the doctor, but I'm not even sure where to start describing the weird symptoms… I wish I had some good advice for you, but at least you know you're not the only one. Hope we both feel better soon!!!


God Bless You! COVID certainly can cause unusual symptoms. I'm sorry you are going through this. I personally would try not to hold my head in the same position for long. If you can, go outside and breathe in some fresh air and get a little sunshine when you feel anxious. Often times, distraction will relief that anxious feeling you are having. I would buy a neck support pillow too, like the one you use in the car when you are traveling, to use when you are watching T.V. to help support your neck. I am getting over COVID again and have long COVID from the first go round. Use a heat pack on your neck (Bedbuddy (Amazon) to help relax those muscles. I know so many that COVID symptoms has heightened anxiety in them and that's got to be an awful feeling. I am praying for you. We are all in this together.


Is it liking a tight soreness, or even stiffness, in the neck that radiates into your head, causing a nuisance kind of a headache? If so, I've been dealing with this kind of headache/neck pain for a few months now. I've be a Long Hauler for nearly 2 years now but this started around the 2nd to last time I got Covid (or a flareup of Covid).


In my experience, I’ve had mostly neurological issues. I had similar symptoms and realized how much I was slumping from her my computer at work, lounging around at home, walking with my head down, just fatigued and worn out. My overall body mass and muscles have atrophied a bit and one of my doctors suggested physical therapy or some sort of training just get up to regular muscular strength and health.

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