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Jun Woo Hyeon

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Weight loss

Posted by @hanbamjung, Jul 27, 2017

Hey, so I have a question about weight loss.
I don’t really get it though.
One pound of fat is about 3500 cal..
So say you total at eating 1300 a day
Do you have to burn 1300+ calories for actual weight loss to take place?
I’ve looked over how many calories I need and I need about 1900 a day…
So does that mean I have to burn more than 1900 a day to lose weight?
Or do I eat less (say 1300) and burn 1300+ calories?
What happens if you eat 1400 calories and say only burn 500?


Hello @hanbamjung! Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

These are great questions. Here is a page from Mayo that will hopefully help you out with your questions.

Congratulations to you and your healthy living lifestyle commitment!

Are you adding exercise to your healthy eating plan?

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