Was just diagnosed with glaucoma, need support!

Posted by evw100 @ew100, Jun 8, 2019

I’ll be 79 in a couple of months and my ophthalmologist just diagnosed my eyes “Primary open-angle glaucoma, bilateral, mild stage”. My eye pressures are borderline high, 22.5 left eye and 21 right eye. Since my dad was blind of glaucoma, the doctor wants me to start using eye drops on my left eye only, so he can compare the result of the drops. After using Travatan Z (free sample bottle from his office) for one month, my left eye pressure went up to 23! He switched me to Latanoprost (Xalatan) with the same direction and recheck one month in July.

I was diagnosed with myopic degeneration or degenerative myopia 9 years ago, I also have bad cataracts. I’m praying that Latanoprost drops will bring my left eye pressure down from 23, so the doctor does not recommend laser or surgery as the next step!!! I don’t heal well; I have very weak immune system. I have Medicare, HMO insurance plan.

I would appreciate so much if you would share any of your experiences of your glaucoma treatment journey and the different types of eye drops that you used!

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Welcome, Maryanne. I can imagine that being diagnosed with Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma (PXF) came as a shock. I'm bringing in @dsh33782 @carolee888 @ew100 @lioness @riflemanz64 @ashby1947 and @azpowells to share their experiences and offer support.

When do you see the specialist?

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@maryann2 Welcome to connect .I was diagnosed in my 30,s and started on Timoptic drops for a long time then a specialist took me off since my pressures stayed within limits For a long time I didn't have to use them but in older age 60,s specialist saw my pressure was going up so put me on Latanoprest every night which I'm still on ,I'm almost 80 and pressure is maintaining so it's important to see a specialist. Hope this helps .Glad you reached out to this community .


Hi Marryanne
Sorry to hear your diagnosis. Welcome to the world of glaucoma patients.
I've been fighting it for over 30 years now. The good news is I can still eye with my right eye. I use 3 different eye drops: Cosopt, Pilocarpine, and Rocklatan which currently keep my eye pressure around 11-12. For me they don't want it over 14-15, and if it gets over that I've be looking at XenGen or Gatt surgery to insert drain to redue pressure. between eye drops and surgery options, the docs should be able to manage your glaucoma.
I'm a software engineer and have been doing software development my whole career so I highly value vision to see computer. I do have trouble with glare now, and set screen to high contrast.

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