Want to see all the data stored on your CPAP machine's SD Card?

Posted by John, Volunteer Mentor @johnbishop, Nov 1, 2018

I use a Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP machine that has an app for your phone and a website you can go to to view the data from the phone app. Some people don't feel comfortable sharing this information so don't use the app. The only way they learn how they are doing is by taking their CPAP machine to their doctor or medical store and have them download the data from the SD card and tell them how they are doing. My first instance of this was taking my CPAP machine back to my Mayo Sleep Medicine doctor at my "Medicare" compliance appointment to make sure I was using the CPAP the minimum of 4 hours a day. They downloaded the data and the nurse went over it with me but it was high level and the details that were shared didn't stick with me.

I have a nephew who uses a CPAP machine but pulled the modem out of it because he didn't want to send the data and have it stored on line. We got to talking about it and I thought there has to be a way to view the data on the SD card using your computer. A little research and I found a program and sent the link to my nephew and he was finally able to see all of his data for the time he's been using a CPAP. He was so impressed that I thought I should give it a try to see how much more data is on the card than what my DreamMapper app on my phone is showing me. I was amazed and if you are the technical type that likes to view and analyze data it might help you understand and make changes that will help with your CPAP usage.

The program I installed to read the SD card is called SleepyHead and can be downloaded from the following website:

Note: You will need a USB SD card reader to view and import the data from the SD card into the program. Also, make sure when you take the SD card out of the CPAP machine you move the small read/write switch on the card to the locked position so that you don't overwrite the data on the card. Then make sure to move the switch back to the write position so that your CPAP machine can write to the SD card.

Currenly supported machines:

Philips Respironics System One (CPAP Pro, Auto, BiPAP & ASV models)
ResMed S9 models (CPAP, Auto, VPAP)
DeVilbiss Intellipap (Auto)
Fisher & Paykel ICON (CPAP, Auto)

Contec CMS50D+, CMS50E and CMS50F (not 50FW) Oximeters
ResMed S9 Oximeter Attachment
Anyone else out there in CPAP land tried this and have any tips on how to use the data to improve their sleep?

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Welcome @skmw, I found the following information on the Apnea Board Forum…
You can get a copy of ResScan (the ResMed software) over at http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/

If you are not a member over at apneaboard, you will need to register since the instructions for getting ResScan is in the Private, Members only area. It's free to register. If you have trouble finding the instructions to get a copy of ResScan, post to the forum over there and someone will help you.
What type of ResMed CPAP do you use?

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AirSense 10


Can someone tell me which software program I would need to read my data on SD card? My machine is a Fisher-Paykel. I see that the Sleepyhead site is no longer active.


Can someone tell me which software program I would need to read my data on SD card? My machine is a Fisher-Paykel. I see that the Sleepyhead site is no longer active.

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Which Fisher-Paykel CPAP do you use? You can find the supported machines here for Oscar: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php/OSCAR_supported_machines

And the download files here if it's supported – https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/

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