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Want to have therapy in Mayo clinic for my Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Posted by @li in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Apr 28, 2012

Holle Simon,
Greeting from Beijing, China! I am a patient with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). And I am advised by Chinese doctors that I should have septal reduction therapy. I know Mayo clinic Departments in Minnesota is one of the best hospitals for HCM in the world. Therefore, I would like to ask what is the estimated fee for the in-hospital process of myectomy and alcohol spetal ablation respectively? As my insurance will not cover the medical cost in US. I own may need to pay it. For saving the cost, can I have some tests done in Beijing, then I can bring the report/image to Mayo? E.g. heart MRI, Coronal Artery Angiography. I noted that there is one contact number 507-284-4024 for estimating the fee. Is there any email address that I can send my question? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Posted by @margie11, May 16, 2012

Hi Holle, click on this link for the Mayo Clinic email form that may be helpful:
Also, here is a link to the HCM Association here in the US:
Good luck to you.

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Posted by @li, Aug 10, 2012

Thank you, the information is very helpful.


Posted by @alexsimon, May 16, 2012

HI Li -
Your best option is to call the Mayo Clinic phone number and they will be able to direct you to the correct person.


Posted by @li, Aug 10, 2012

Thank you Simon. I have found their email address.


Posted by @fishinglady, Aug 5, 2012

Hi. They may help you by checking how much you make to have to pay out won't be as bad. they go on what you make you mite ask that or you may be able to get help through them.

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Posted by @li, Aug 10, 2012

thanks a lot!


Posted by @fishinglady, Nov 9, 2012

I hope you got information that you needed to help.


Posted by @uptodate68, May 28, 2015

Li, I had the surgery for HCM at Mayo in Rochester in late 2011 and am doing great. The thing about Mayo is it is patient centric, meaning everyone knows everything about your case. I don't know how you do the tests and suggest you call them. For me, they repeated the tests I had done in another state in the US because they trust their own results. But, I can tell you this. They know what they are doing. And you want to be somewhere that does these surgeries frequently, knowing how to fix any complications. Best wishes.


Posted by @wandikarnadi, Dec 13, 2015

HI LI, how are you today ? I hope you have been very well right now. I have got the same HCM problem with you and am now considering to have therapy at Mayo Clinic in Rochester as well.
Can you help me by indicating how much money that you had paid to the clinic for your HCM therapy as I got the same condition as you did ( non US citizen and no Health Insurance, paid by ourself}
Highly appreciate your quick response


Posted by @colleenyoung, Dec 13, 2015

Hi @wandkarnadi,
Welcome to Connect. Here is a link to the International Patients section on the Mayo Clinic website Here you can find contact information, information about financial services, language services and more. In fact, several countries (Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico) have local contacts who can provide information specific to your location.

Have you visited Mayo Clinic before?

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Posted by @Sensation, Dec 13, 2015

Hi Li. I don't know the details on financial info or any of that stuff, but what I can assure you on is the fact that you are in great hands at the Mayo Clinic, you will have some of the Top Doctors in the United States working with you to help you get well. So you've picked the best place to go for your care. I've been there myself and I was very happy with my care while I was there, everyone was very helpful.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Dec 27, 2015

Hi @wandikarnadi Did you get answers to your questions about HCM treatments at the Mayo Clinic?


Posted by @wandikarnadi, Dec 29, 2015

Hi Colleen,
Thank you so much for your response.
Unfortunately, until todate I have not received any reply from Mayo Clinic.
Can you do me a favor by follwing up with the person in charge at Mayo ?

Best Regards,


Posted by @colleenyoung, Dec 30, 2015

Did you contact someone through the International Patients department?

If yes, which office did you call?


Posted by @wandikarnadi, Dec 31, 2015

No, I have not made any contact yet, because my big concern is how much the estimated cost of the treatment will be, since I will have to pay it from my own pocket, as I am not US citizen and have no health insurance coverage as well.
I am very sure that Mayo Clinic is very capable of handling my health problems, but I want to be sure first that I can afford to the service.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Dec 31, 2015

The international Patients department would be the best place to start. They can help answer your questions about cost of treatment and financing for non-US patients. I encourage you to contact them.


Posted by @lynnkay1956, Jan 7, 2016

My total itemized bill was $64,660 but I don't see the surgeon's bill.


Posted by @wandikarnadi, Jan 8, 2016

Thank you so much for your info Ms Lynnkay 1956, however can you further describe what health procedures you have had in Mayo for $64,660 ?
Highly appreciate your response.


Posted by @lynnkay1956, Jan 8, 2016

I had a septal myectomy and an aortic stenosis repaired by Dr Schaff


Posted by @wandikarnadi, Jan 10, 2016

Thank you very much Ms Lynnkay1956 for your reply.
When did you have the treatments? Are you feeling better now ?

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