Walking pneumonia

Posted by Marta @interest, Jan 21 6:26pm

Hello , I was just diagnosed with walking pneumonia. And conjunctivitis. Was given a Z- pack and I’m half way taking the pills. My fever still goes on unless taking Advil.
If anyone has experience with this, approximately how long does it take for the fever to go away?
Thank you!

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@interest About 55 years ago my Mom was diagnosed with "walking pneumonia " – as a working mother of 6 kids, she kept on going until…she collapsed and ended up in the hospital for over 2 weeks.
I didn't even know the term was still used.
So… it is often mild but not always. As with any illness, fever and aches, cough, etc should tell you to rest, hydrate and be cautious until the symptoms subside. A Z-pac is taken for a few days, but does not really begin to help until about 72 hours. And if the pneumonia is viral, only time and rest will help it, not antibiotics.

Bottom line? If you are not feeling a lot better after 7 days, go back to the doctor for further testing and diagnosis. In the meantime – rest, Tylenol or ibuprofen for fever and aches, liquids and more rest!
Let us know how you are doing in a few days, please.


Thank you Sue for your informative message. I’ll hear your recommendation and stay patient!


Update: the Z pack after 4 days didn’t work…did not wait more than 4 days and saw a Dr who switched me to amoxicillin. Finally feeling better with no more fever.
Thank you Sue for your advice.

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