Waking up every night at the same time bloated, panicky

Posted by coloronin @coloronin, Dec 10, 2019

I started having this issue about two months ago. I wake up almost every night at approximately 2 am feeling bloated or full, nauseous, can't breathe a d panicky. THIS IS NOT A PANIC ATTACK. I know what those are and this ain't it. I've sleep with a CPAP machine for years without issues so I don't think is it. Doesn't matter if I go bed at 9 pm or midnight I will always wake up with these symptoms around 2 am. Any ideas what this might be? Why is it ALWAYS at the same time?

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I’m going out to the edge of the plank here, but I have to give my feedback. You have done well noticing that there is a stable pattern to your experiences at night. Just because it is so tight a pattern leads me to think that you are having anxiety and depression. The bloating May be ca result os some air swallowing before or as you are waking up. This could be related to the air swallowing. Your CNS autonomic nervous system switches to “alert” and you become fully awake in a fight or flight situation. You aren’t crazy,but therapy and antidepressant would start to deal with this. Why are you so worried about it being “anxiety”? We all experience it . Be brave for yourself and visit a mental health professional.


Hello @coloronin, Welcome to Connect. I also use a CPAP and have only had one instance of waking up with stomach pain other than my normal nightly trips to the bathroom. When it happened to me a few weeks ago I believe I got a little food poisoning which woke me up with sharp stomach pains, bloating and then dry heaving at first. I was sick for 2 days. I can relate to the anxiety but I think as @engelee mentioned, I think we would all experience it if we had the same symptoms. I did find an article that may be helpful for finding a cause.

What’s Causing My Stomach Pain at Night?

One of the causes listed was Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Mayo Clinic has a Video Q & A about IBS and How We Can Help here:

Have you discussed the new symptoms with your doctor?

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