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Posted by madobby @madobby, Jan 11 9:58am

Hi everyone,
The past few weeks have been horrid. From mammogram to diagnosis is so stressful. Information about my diagnosis has come to me in pieces and I still don’t know exactly what I’m dealing with. Ductal Carcinoma in milk ducts as well as possible spread to right axillary lymp node, however, the pathologist report is not clear whether the lymph node has mastisized from the breast or not. Just got a call to go see a surgeon January 31st (another waiting period) surgeons name is Dr Findlay-Shirras. Has anyone seen this surgeon? Any info you can give me would be helpful. Should I follow up for additional information and how do I get that info?
Any help would be so appreciated
Thank you

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@madobby I know this is frightening, and probably a little maddening as well. It was for me, it still is when there is something new and I feel like I am hanging in limbo. I don’t know about you but when I am left with my own thoughts, I am my own worst enemy.
I don’t know your surgeon nor where you are being seen, but you can start making a list of questions now. You can also start thinking about your own priorities now. Reading and talking to others on Mayo Connect is a great place to start, cruise the hallways a bit and check out other discussions. There is a ton of us here with ductal carcinoma.
Have you had your initial biopsy yet? Can you tell me more about how you found out?


Biopsy completed and this was the results.
Right breast at 12:00 retroareolar
-Invasive ductal carcinoma
-Ductal carcinoma in situ (CISS)
-Calcifications associated with DCIS

Right axillary biopsy
-Invasive ductal carcinoma
Comment: Please note that this biopsy clip is located within an apparent right axillary lymph node containing calcifications suggestive of radiologic features of metastatic lymph node. However, no description of lymph node tissue was seen on the pathology report. The pathologist provides the differential diagnosis of soft tissue metastasis, extranodal extension or another primary site of carcinoma.


I would ask if there is a difference between a metastatic lymph node and cancer cells found in the lymph node from the primary cancer. And let us know! Good luck! ps I got a couple of Ativans from my MD while waiting and watched a lot of Netflix


Good luck with everything! The waiting period is the worse. Sometimes the more I read on the internet the more anxious I get. The main thing that helped calm my anxiety is trusting my medical team. I feel fortunate to have moved from the one clinic my PCP started me with to Mayo.


@madobby, I add my welcome. In addition to all the responses you've received here, you may also be interested in this related discussion:
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