Visual Snow: Anyone experience this?

Posted by agraffia @agraffia, Jul 17, 2012

Has anyone ever experienced "visual snow"? My daughter suffers from this and sees it 24/7. No doctors seem to be able to help her. We've been everywhere in Chicago, and nobody can help her so they left it with "sorry, she'll have to learn to live with it". She's only 12 years old! So I'm trying Mayo now. Just wondering if anyone out there has ever experienced this; apparently it's rather rare.

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I’ve had this since early childhood – as long as I can remember. It’s getting worse with age. (I’m 46.)

It wasn’t until my 20s when I realized it wasn’t normal. Then the eye doctors I asked had no clue what I was talking about. Only yesterday did I find a name for it. Here I had begun to believe I was the ONLY one — so glad there are others!

There doesn’t seem to be a cure at this time, or even much in the way of research. I have read there seems to be a connection with auto-immune disorders, particularly Lupus. I have several symptoms of Lupus including butterfly rash and positive ANA, but it doesn’t seem doctors want to diagnose it without kidney damage. (Which makes no sense to me.)

Have you had much bloodwork done on your daughter?

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Have her go to a rheumatologist and neurologist that know a lot about auto immune diseases especially Sjogren’s syndrome. I have that and I have a Lot of eye issues going on. Good luck with everything there is a great doctor in Albany New York he’s a rheumatologist, his name is Dr. Ngo. He’s connected to Albany Med..also, there is a great Neurologist up from Columbia Presbyterian hospital. She is now working at Albany med. Her name is Sara RadMard. She is wonderful. I hope this helps.


Hi I’m Kelley and my 18 year son was just recently diagnosed with Visual Snow. We are at a complete loss of what to do. He is a senior in high school and going to college next year on a baseball scholarship. This happened so suddenly back in March, it was like one day he woke up and is vision was impaired. He is struggling to see the baseball and that’s not good for a kid going to school on a baseball scholarship. We have been told that there is no cure or anything he can do. We live in the St. Louis area and are seeing a neurologist next to see if there is anything else we can do. Any advice for me???

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My son has a similar situation. Curious if you can tell me how your journey has gone, and if he is in a better place after 5 years? We are at a loss


Hi there, about three years ago I started having visual snow out of nowhere. At first it was dizziness, tendinitis, I could not focus on anything, so much panicking. I was seeing so many things in my vision it was very disorienting. So I stoped consuming caffeine, and alcohol, really cleaned up my diet, wear sunglasses out side and did everything I could to de stress and over time I have become used to it and I can function in life pretty normally. I know your son probably doesn’t drink alcohol or caffeine but just wanted to mention it because when I do drink caffeine at times it makes it way worse now. When it was first going on I felt hopeless and had a very hard time completing tasks. But now I am doing great.

I have done some research and I wonder if dental work may be connected. Had your son had any root canals? Hope this helps!


My husband (diabetic +) had "whiteouts" for years. At first we thought it was high blood pressure as it appeared after exertion. He had kidney issues and it took until we also dealt with his bladder (not expelling all of the urine) that we got a handle on it. Have a check on kidneys..


I experience it. The reason it's perplexing to doctors is because true visual snow (which looks like constant TV static or like everything is full of constant energy and moving dots vs. some of the other identifiable medical conditions that some people in this post are describing) is not a medical condition. What this is is a spiritual awakening, and people are seeing the world as the constant, vibrant energy that it actually is, as opposed to the solid objects that we imagine.
It may be associated with anxiety and depression and migraines, but it's not caused by those. Reverse. The anxiety, depression and migraines are caused from the person's resistance to the spiritual awakening. This is inner eye stuff – not physical eye stuff. That's why you see it even when your eyes are closed. It never goes away once you have this sort of opening of consciousness, but once you realize that that's what it is, it's less bothersome and frightening. It's best to work on your spiritual development. I hope this helps others to understand. It's more like you're seeing a desk, for example, as the collection of molecules and atoms and protons, neutrons and electrons (and subparticles of those) that it is and not as the piece of "oak" or "steel" that we imagine and collectively agree to understand it to be here. I bet a lot of people that have this also feel like they have strong intuition or "see" or sense other things that they don't understand – moving light patterns, bright color bursts like supernovas. This a spiritual stuff – not medical.

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