Visit to Minnesota for diagnostics- any advice?

Posted by PhatEpug @phatepug, Nov 5, 2012

Hello All-
I am flying tomorrow from Philadelphia to Mayo in Minnesota. I’m a nervous wreck. I’m 35 and have been on disability for 7 years now. I’ve got so many medical tests and specialists and still no explanation. Any advice about what to do on your first visit? I feel like this is my last stop in trying to get better and functional and am very scared I’ll screw it up. Thank you for reading and replying.

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If you have appointments – they will keep you busy. If you feel okay and have a ‘free’ day, spend some time walking around the buildings in the Mayo complex. The artwork and architecture are fantastic (you can get brochures describing it, or even take a tour) If you have not done so, check out the and you will find a section on visitor information under patient services. I hope you have a safe trip and get some healthful information.


don”t be nervous. they are all very nice doctors there in minnesota, they explain eveything to you that you would understand . they come down to are level and explain what is going on.


First visit anxiety is completely understandable. If it warps into a panic attack and you become stuck, ask for help from them and others. My “first” visit was in May this year. It not only became far more expensive than I ever imagined but the Clinic process, itself, is isolating and can exacerbate everything including the reason you are going. I did not have a companion with me; however, most clients/patients seemed to be accompanied and seemed to be better for such support. Regretfully, my response to your solicitation will most likely be arriving after you have completed your consults and returned home. Nevertheless, if I might be of any further post-Clinic help, don’t hesitate to write. Overall, the staff with whom I interacted proved to be not only professional but highly humane. Still, I believe that the prognosis and diagnosis proved very costly and my literal and figurative distance from them to my home insurmountable in providing and/or maintaining a curative relationship. Take good care. If things don’t go as well as you had hoped, I seriously doubt that it will be because you “screwed it up.” Clay


My husband and I have been going to Mayo for every important health concern.
You cannot find a more professional group of doctors, assistants, staff, etc, and the confidence in their expertise will buoy you up. The system is cutting edge. The professionals you see have been taking care of patients like you on a daily basis, year in and year out. They have seen it all. This, last stop, I believe, will give you knowledge about your condition, proper diagnosis and options for treatment.
Wising you success.


I was nervous too at first PhatEpug but since that “first” visit, I have been there several times. Each time, I left not only with answers but I also felt very validated. They are caring, considerate professionals who treat you as an individual and do not let your illnesses, symptoms define you as a person.

I do agree that it will be so much easier for you to have a support person to accompany you. My husband has went each time and bless his heart for all those hours spent in the waiting rooms while I was having tests, procedures, etc. He was able to be with me when I visited with each physician. It really was beneficial to both of us.

Good luck and please post and let us know how it went.


How did your trip to mayo go? It is scarey at first but you just follow the instructions they give you. Lots of people around to help you figure out where to go. I live in WI and went to Mayo for years. Didn’t need them for about 5 yrs but am back there again. Beautiful campus, great Doctors,lots to do durring off time.


I read all the words of encouragement . i really did not know others were in the same boat as i was or felt like they were at the end of their rope as I do. My appt is March 5. praying that this works.

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