Vaccine Recommendation after severe Covid and monocolonal treatment?

Posted by nichirschfield @nichirschfield, Jan 13, 2022

My husband had severe Covid (non-vaccinated)at the end of October. Got monocolonal treatment in the hospital on Day 10, ended up on a ventilator for 2 weeks. We were advised not to get vaccine until 3 months after the monocolonal treatment. We are approaching that at the end of January. Any recommendations on which vaccine to get and any info we should know about getting first vaccine after all of this?
Thank you

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Good luck @ebergfeld . I bet you are having a hard time finding anybody to tell you / your hubby that he may have a vax injury as a result of the shot(s)??? It is hard, if not impossible to prove, and thus that is why we won't hear that from anyone anytime soon but we have our suspicions don't we? I wish you well and yes please continue to post if you find a solution to his issues and I will as well. How dare they force this shot on us/anybody.

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The Neuro V Long-Haulers group on Facebook is a great source of information and support regarding vaccine injuries. Your husband could compare notes with the common neurological symptoms reported there by those with Covid vaccine injuries.


If anyone feels as though they have a covid vaccine injury, and it now has been proven these vaccines do cause injuries, go to Vaers and report it.


I developed Long Covid or Post Vac Syndrome (no doctor has been able to tell me which of the two) exactly 2 weeks after getting the booster shot. I am not getting any more vaccines because it's been worst than when I got Covid. One doctor suggested that I have a systemic inflammation but it's just a guess since there are no answers to what is happening to us. I would research more before getting more vaccines.

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