UTI: Another effect of a weakend immune system and long COVID

Posted by jeang455 @jeang45, Sep 6 7:28am

I haven’t had a urinary tract infection in years. I had Covid in June, took Paxlovid, and rebounded, so I basically had Covid for about 3 weeks. Since, I have had problems with heart palpitations, fatigue, and depression, but felt like I was beginning to turn the corner last week. Now I have a uti. Like I said, I haven’t had one in about 20 years. Could it be Covid related? Anyone else had this problem?

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@jeang45 Jean – I don't know if Covid is directly to "blame" but any time our system is weakened by a virus or infection, it is more limited for a time in the ability to fight off another pathogen. That is why a cold can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia, or a person is more susceptible to infection while recovering from chemotherapy or surgery.
So it may very well be related to having had Covid, but it is caused by a different bacteria.
I hope you get meds and feel better soon!


Thank you, Sue. I have felt that my immune system is weak right now. I appreciate your response.


I've had 3 in 11 months, since first Contracting covid. I've had long covid for 11 months. Too many symptoms to list. This included a stint on life support in April 2022.


I haven’t had a uti since getting Covid two months ago, but I just travelled and caught a nasty respiratory infection. I tested negative for Covid, so apparently it’s something else. I was still feeling the effects of the Covid infection(persistent low grade fever, fatigue) so I think my immune system is weak right now. Normally I don’t think this would have happened. I think Sue is right.
What holistic things can we take to pump up our immune systems?

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