Using oxygen

Posted by kjellis @kjellis, Apr 3, 2019

I have had to use oxygen since my hospital stay in February with pneumonia. I am wondering how many of you are using oxygen.

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@kjellis Hi. I have been on night time oxygen since 2010 because my levels drop when I sleep. They drop to low 80's more than 5 times and for periods longer than 5 mins. I also have to use a small portable oxygen when I go to the gym for my cardio class. Sometimes if I am just having a very s.o.b. day, I will get on oxygen for a bit. Another member's mother was on oxygen 24/7 for a similar flare-up as you had. She recovered after several months and is now off of it. Why are you on oxygen? Do you have your own pulse oxometer to check what your oxygen level would be without it? Is this oxygen use temporary?

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