Unknown Body Odor

Posted by Deprest @deprest, Jan 4, 2012

I need help! I've got a bad odor coming from my body, that I can't smell. Yes it's hard to explain. Doctors think I'm making it up. In public people avoid closeness, coughing, holding their noses, avoiding me at all cost. I'm a prisoner in my home. Don't venture out unless low on food and pick times to do it. I'm constantly shamed.im healthy, clean. Homes clean, I can't explain. Have spent last two yrs going to every type doctor to no avail. My family can't smell it either. Has anyone heard of this?

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Hello! I struggle with same exact problem as you. Would you be available to talk about it some more with me? I would really appreciate it. I have no one to talk to about my problem.

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Join this discord, thousands of sufferers in here discussing cure options too https://discord.gg/fFM3y7aM or you can go on Reddit and search the tmau page


I’m going through the same exact thing.. I don’t even understand where’s the smell is coming from.. it’s embarrassing because my husband or kids say they don’t smell it but outside people do.. I even heard people say it smells like doo doo.. I lost my job from people making fun of me so I can’t even work I have to stay home like I’m crazy.. my doctor think it’s GERD I don’t know where the smell is coming from but I pray 1 day it just goes away this is the most embarrassing feeling in my life..


Same problem what is this I mean 😢 it’s embarrassing.. my husband says I don’t have a smell but everybody in public think I smell really bad.. I go to the doctor office or dentist people are like ewww I smell doo doo or what’s that smell putting up there shirt to their nose I started to go off but I just kept my kool like I was thinking about mental health because I needed someone to talk to I don’t even have anyone to even talk to I think people say I don’t smell anything to not make you feel bad but I went to the emergency room once and a doctor smelled it and told me that she smelled my stomach that my food wasn’t digesting correctly and that she can also smell my bowl but my doctor told me it could be GERD so check into that because your not alone I’m going through the same symptoms..


Have you been on a weight loss journey. As I lost weight, toxins stored in fat cells released. I had strange body odor for a few months before it finally got better. When it first started, I didn’t know what it was. Finally figured it out.

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