Unknown Body Odor

Posted by Deprest @deprest, Jan 4, 2012

I need help! I’ve got a bad odor coming from my body, that I can’t smell. Yes it’s hard to explain. Doctors think I’m making it up. In public people avoid closeness, coughing, holding their noses, avoiding me at all cost. I’m a prisoner in my home. Don’t venture out unless low on food and pick times to do it. I’m constantly shamed.im healthy, clean. Homes clean, I can’t explain. Have spent last two yrs going to every type doctor to no avail. My family can’t smell it either. Has anyone heard of this?

It does not make sense that only strangers can smell it. If the doctors don’t smell it and your family doesn’t, maybe it doesn’t exist.

1. It might just be in your head. You may have misinterpreted a signal from someone and you took it personally.
2. Some people don’t digest the right way. You could have food particle stuck in your gut somewhere and the bacteria that grow give off odor.
3. Teeth problems. Loose fillings. Bacteria can grow in there.

I would go to the dentist and then a Gastroenterologist.

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Hey guys you sound like all the doctors I’ve seen. It is a real issue. It’s there, not making this up. If you’ve never heard of this don’t answer, I’m depressed as it is. Do you think I’d lose two yrs of my life for nothing?

It sounds like you focus on something you don’t need to. If family and doctors don’t notice, then you need to just get out there and live. So what if somebody avoids you, who cares?? More room for you to walk:) Your family and your doctors would tell you if you had a problem so go for it!!

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Have a bath

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Have you consulted with a nutritionist? You may may have food sensitivities. You might also try a homeopathic doctor or an acupuncturist. A western doctor may not be the right choice for you right now – try some alternatives and good luck!

It must feel awful to not have people believe you. Keep your head up and ignore those who are unkind. Hopefully they will learn to be compassionate towards others. Everyone deserves to be heard.

I remember hearing about this! Read this article: http://www.drdonnica.com/today/00006748.htm

Your family cannot smell the odor because they have the genetic condition as well. Good luck getting your Trimethylaminuria treated and please keep me updated!

Thanks cs_bowles, I’ll check it out.

Have you ever had a colon cleanse? Dr.Naturas.com check it out!

Hi, I’ve had a colonoscopy, is that as good as colon cleanse? Also had TMAU test done, negative. I tried detox, broth diets, eating as if I had TMAU, which is very restrictive, and none worked.

Have you tried going to the Natural Herbal Store, they do have something for this:) and this is not uncommon.. I have heard of it alot.. just step out and address the problem, you will feel better!! Hang in there.

Have you had any trouble breathing? Are there any other symptoms, or have you had a Cold lately? Comment and I might be able to help 🙂

Gingerrose, this IS uncommon. I live w it, I know. I’ve been to about every type Doctor named to no avail. They have no idea what’s going on. So I doubt if a non-medical-behind-counter person will know either. Medical Fiend, no Cold or breathing probs. I’ve submitted myself to tests just see if I had an illness unknown to me. So far I’m clear.

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