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Unknown Body Odor

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Hey guys you sound like all the doctors I've seen. It is a real issue. It's there, not making this up. If you've never heard of this don't answer, I'm depressed as it is. Do you think I'd lose two yrs of my life for nothing?

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Greetings. This is my experience: when I was a girl growing up in Los Angeles I had a girlfriend who was 2 years younger. Let's call her "Rose." This was more than 40 years ago.

She was very petite and took baths on a regular basis as all the girls in our group did. We were all just normal kids back in the day when the streets of LA were still pretty safe. Rose was different. No matter how much she bathed she had a distinct and embarrassing body odor. It was very painful for her. I was the oldest and very protective of the younger girls eventhough I was only a few years older. I wanted to help her our entire childhood but I was but a child myself. Nobody knew what to do so she suffered great shame.

Years later her adolescent daughter experienced the same affliction. Again I was heartbroken but this time I was an adult determined to find answers and help so that history would not repeat itself.

LONG STORY SHORT: I asked everyone I knew if they knew what might help. Right under my nose at work was a friend with a Daughter who had once experienced the same heavy burden. This is what worked like magic for both my Friend's Daughters and finally for my now adult childhood friend: This is possibly a GLAND problem involving 5 major Glands. 2 underarm, 2 in creases
of groin ( upper points of triangle) and 1 between breasts. Simply make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply a clunk of paste on all 5 gland point locations and wait 30 minutes before bathing. Do this for 30 days straight. Afterwards the problem should vanish. To maintain you need to repeat the process only once a month. My friend's Son has same problem so it Must be heredity. The baking soda seems to draw something from these glands that are at the root of this problem. I am a sympathetic witness to how this simple solution can absolutely change lives in a big way. I HOPE AND PRAY IT WORKS FOR YOU. BEST WISHES!

Im going through the same thing for 6 months. I have all the symptoms of Trimethylaminuria which all the doctors Ive seen so far havent heard of it so they are telling me its in my head so they wont even test me for it! Ive been so depressed and pretty much in isolation because of the odor. The only difference with me is I do smell it 24/7 and everyone around me smells it especially at work. I probably spend 1/4 of my pay on air fresheners. Its so embarrassing and not one doctor will listen to me. No one should have to live like this, I told my nurse practitioner that so she sent EMT's to my house for being suicidal and was transported to a emergency psych ward for 3 days. Now Im afraid to tell anymore doctors about this.