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Unexplained weight gain shooting pain in abdomen area of body

Posted by @yin73 in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Jul 28, 2011

Since 2001 I have slowly been gaining weight. In May of 2001 I weighed about 140 now I am pushing 310. The last year I put on 50 lbs alone and now my doctor is staring to see there are issues. I do have PCOS, IBS, Diabetes, and Asthma and they are very cautious to add me on meds that might harm my liver (I am in the beginning stages of liver disease). So far we have ruled out issues with my heart and the only thing they can find wrong in my lungs is the asthma. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I have tired and tried to lose weight and all I seem to do is gain weight. For one week I did weigh my daily and I would lose/gain anywhere form 5 to 10 lbs. Im lost and getting really aggravted at this. The other issue is I have extreme swelling in my hands and feel. They put me on HCT and took me off the Lasix but the only way to keep them down is to take both of them together (even at the risk of kidney damage). Is there anything i can suggest to my dr to test for? Also I have started having issues with my bladder and dont empty it nearly enough or at all.

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Posted by Anonymous-ff76e701, Aug 2, 2011

I will only share my experience, not suggest that you have a similar condition. I have had cancer three times. Each time I started to slowly gain weight. It was NOT from over-eating. The weight I gained didn't come off until the cancer was treated. (One of the cancers was a urinary tract cancer.) It's difficult when your body doesn't react the "normal" way. Doctors just weren't concerned about my weight gain.The first two cancers that I had were both discovered incidentally on CAT scans.


Posted by @yin73, Aug 3, 2011

I am awaiting a call to go back to the urologist as I am having problems voiding when I go to the bathroom. My main doctor said that shes just at a loss as to what to test for since the heart and lungs (to a point) are fine. I do have an endocrinologist that I now have to get to look closer at my blood test results and add a few more test to make sure that things are ok....with regards to the urinary tract cancer did you have frequent or recurrent UTI's? My mom currently is battling that but wont look into why this is happpening

Thanks for you post, I do appreciate it

Posted by Anonymous-ff76e701, Aug 3, 2011

No, I did not have any UTI's. I had cancer of the ureter, so the bladder wasn't involved. I had abdominal pain, weight gain (not as dramatic as yours, but still unexplained), horible migraine headaches, and my restless leg syndrom got much worse. After the surgery to remove the tumor, all of these things cleared up. The first cancer I had was ovarian. That's when I had the most abdominal pain and the greatest weight gain. My CA125 test result was 1250 (normal is less than 40). If I had just had that one blood test, it could have been caught a lot earlier. Good luck for both you and your mom. Keep at it till you get the right diagnosis!


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 11, 2011

Check your kidneys, thyroid, heart failure , diabetes.

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