Blood glucose monitor recommendation

Posted by claireb @claireb, Oct 25, 2022

I don't have a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes, but I am interested in doing periodic checks of my blood glucose. For those who are currently using blood glucose monitors, do you have any recommendations for a particular brand that you feel is both easy to use and highly accurate?

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Regarding home glucose monitors: They are required to be highly accurate, but the requirement is less than 100%, which means that rarely a reading will be inaccurate. "According to the FDA, accurate glucose meters provide results that are within ±15% of the lab 95% of the time." Once in a great while I've tested significantly higher than I expected, I've then retested immediately and found the new test result to be significantly lower and in line with what I expected. (Of course, we shouldn't just assume the meter is wrong about an unusual test…RETEST if in doubt.) Fasting tests (first thing in the morning unless you've been raiding the frig during the night) might provide you with the most useful information. Congratulations on being proactive about your health!


My meter is extremely inaccurate. When I get high readings and retest, it’s often off by 20 points or more.


Thanks for comments about blood glucose testing. May have more questions after I start testing.

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