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severe leg cramping

Posted by @helena341, Oct 2, 2011

I joined this discussion group because I have diabetes and suffer from severe leg cramping especially at night but not exclusively as they also occur if I’m wearing higher heeled shoes. Does anyone here have cramping in their legs so severe that you need to get up during the night because pain disturbs your sleep? This happens to me often and trying to find answers. Doctors have not as yet determined the cause. Thanks for any help you may have.

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Posted by @marieprijic, Oct 2, 2011

I have the same problem. I found if I eat a banana a day, the leg cramps are less frequent.


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Posted by @dusty14, Oct 13, 2011

I found Vitamin E works for me 1 pill in the evening 400mg


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Posted by @rddeyoung, Oct 24, 2011

I get more cramps after a day of walking, skiing, fishing, ect. Red raspberry leaf tea has helped me in the past. Lately it has let me down. I’m now seeking causes of these cramps. I’ve tried a combo of cider vinegar, garlic/ginger juices sold at GNC, with some help. I expected more people to be having these problems, and discussing options.


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Posted by @cedarhurst, Nov 2, 2011

Onset of Diabetic Periferal Neuropathy is a possibility. You doctor can test you for it and there are some pretty good medication to relieve the cramping.
At least that is what I was diagnosed as. It is a progressive problem so look into it in a hurry.

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Posted by @helena341, Nov 2, 2011

I see my doctor this afternoon and will definitely mention this to her. Thanks Cedarhurst.


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Posted by @jaanderson1, Dec 24, 2011

If you are on cholesterol meds, if you have the start of kidney disease, these could cause it. Check that with Dr. A weird tip is to put a couple bars of Irish spring under your pillow so u can smell them. It really does help.


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Posted by @midnightangel, Jan 22, 2012

I had very severe leg cramps and it turned out to be the statin drug I was taking to help control my cholesterol. I had to try several to find the one that didn’t give me this issue.
Also make sure your electrolytes are all ok. My magnesium was rather low at that time.

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