Unexplained Itching

Posted by bjbednarz @bjbednarz, Nov 28, 2020

In early 2019, I began to itch all over my body. I had no rash or otherwise physical evidence as to why I was itching. I had taken some medicine that I think started the itching, but when I stopped the medicine, the itching did not stop. I have been to multiple doctors, have had numerous blood tests, full body MRI, and stopped other various medications, but to no avail. It seems like there is a glitch between my brain and body. My brain is telling my body it itches, but there appears to be no reason. I'm being tortured with this itching. Can anyone please help?

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This intense itching was how i beleive my Granuloma Annular started. I am not 100 percent sure that is a fact, however for years I have had these horrible itching attacks. Then one day the back of my legs were covered up in those red irregular rings. Now they are almost solidly connected so that the back of my legs are completely covered. The other areas that have spread to are not so concentrated. I wonder if it is caused by pressure from sitting.


I would start watching what you eat and how your skin reacts. I sought for answers for years before I discovered that I have food sensitivities, especially to sugar. Best wishes.


All various pruritus that I've studied, google, you know, has specific places of itch. I itch from the top of my scalp to my knees. And what I find odd, is that if one arm itches, the other arm itches identically. Both halves of my body itch equally. Neuropathic itching sounds the most likely cause, but a Neurologist did an MRI from the top of my neck to the bottom of my tail bone, and could not identify anything she thought might be causing the itch. I still believe Neuropathic itching is the culprit, but how to pinpoint the exact reason and fix it seems to be the problem. I haven't taken any of that medicine since January 2019. I guess I probably have as much stress as the next person. Nothing in particular especially stressful. I will definitely check out @artscaping.

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OH wow! Finally heard of someone that has the same problem I have. My arm will itch in one location and the other arm will also itch in the same place. My leg will itch and the other will start in the identical place. It seems as if the nerves are crossed up and wired to respond in mirror immage. This also occurrs in my rib area. I have develoloped Granuloma Annulara and wondered if there could be a connection.

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