Unexplained Itching

Posted by bjbednarz @bjbednarz, Nov 28, 2020

In early 2019, I began to itch all over my body. I had no rash or otherwise physical evidence as to why I was itching. I had taken some medicine that I think started the itching, but when I stopped the medicine, the itching did not stop. I have been to multiple doctors, have had numerous blood tests, full body MRI, and stopped other various medications, but to no avail. It seems like there is a glitch between my brain and body. My brain is telling my body it itches, but there appears to be no reason. I’m being tortured with this itching. Can anyone please help?

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What causes severe itching of all parts of the body, thereby causing lumps and rashes in parts that are itched. Even after receiving treatments of all sorts.

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Hi @becca123 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will see that your post is now part of a discussion taking about unexplained itching. I moved it here so you could connect with members like @artscaping, @artist01, @rhyo9 and @dsisko

How long has this been going on with you?


Hi @becca123 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will see that your post is now part of a discussion taking about unexplained itching. I moved it here so you could connect with members like @artscaping, @artist01, @rhyo9 and @dsisko

How long has this been going on with you?

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Good evening @becca123. I would also like to welcome you to Connect. Our moderator @amandaburnett has suggested that you may need some help with severe itching. I don't know if I have solved it….however I have found something that works immediately within 15 or 20 minutes and lasts about 6 hours. It is a topical called Dermeleve with no steroids.

It is not a fix-it forever treatment. It gives you immediate relief on a temporary basis. I also use a heavy-duty topical when my flare is being stubborn and trying to hang on. It is called Tacrolimus ointment. You can use it twice a day and it helps for the long haul.

In the group "Skin Health" look for discussions about unexplained itching or neuropathic itch. @johnbishop has also posted about how to contact the company for more information on Dermeleve in the same group.

In your comment, you mention bumps and rashes. I start a flare with the bumps and know that I had better do something ASAP if I don't want the rash to appear.

Do you think that your itching condition is aroused when emotionality or stress is high?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.


I've mentioned this before, but just in case new bloggers haven't followed this entire discussion I have stopped my incessent 24/7 stinging burning and itching inside my skin without any visible rashes.
I had several neuopathy tests and nothing was found. The neuologist ran the tests but forwarded me that normally neuopathy is not all over the body, but more on one side of the body unlike me so he didn't suspect it. My issues were everywhere, all over and dramatically worse at night.
Histamines are elevated in the evening.
I do have Allergic Contact Dermatitis, but I had eliminated all allergic contacts base on my 5 Day Extended Patch Test Results and had no more external rashes. Yet something was elevating histamines on the inside.
A miracle shot for me was the Kenalog 40 cortico-steroid injection which I had annually to control my internal symtoms and that worked for about 9 months. I'd hold off and then get another each year end. I was able to sleep at peac. For me the only negative side affect was blushing and reddening of the face for about 2 month. Worse was hair loss for about 2 months afterwards. It would grow back.
I haven't needed this potent steroid shot now for 4 years. Why?
Diet change. I gave up all processed sugar. After the miserable sugar detox of giving up all processed and natural sugar for 3 months I will never allow myself to face that detox again. It takes tremedous will power. A carrot was was sweetest food I could find. Truly it is an addiction and I have never been overweight or ate many sweets, too much fruit perhaps.
Read The Yeast Connection Handbook by William Crook, MD, you can buy it used for under $4.00. It gave me my life back. The book has simple medical explaintions with hand drawn diagrams showing what sugar is doing to your body. The detox also had me give up carbs, especailly gluten carbs. Yet detox is over. I have found I am fine eating carbs and still have none of the internal misery that was leading me to suicide. I'd lay in my itchy skin, unable to sleep and plan how to end it all knowing I would face another day of misery. That was before I learned about the steroid shot, yet this shot is a treatment and doesn't stop the cause! I'm glad I kept searching for answers.
No more shots, no more processed sugar and I am still fine with a few pieces of fruit daily. Good luck.

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